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9.1 Excellent obtained from 776 guests

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  • 9.5Cleaning
  • 9Services
  • 9.3Staff
  • 8.9Comfort
  • 7.8Surroundings
  • 8.5Price/quality ratio
  • 9Acceptance
  • 9.1Reception
  • 8.4Laundry
  • 8.3Bar
  • 8.5Breakfast
  • 8.3Dinner
  • 9.6Location compared to airport location

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stayed from 2018-09-13 to 2018-09-14 Excellent 9.6
2018-09-16 Mature couple Emerald (en) the staff in the dining room were wonderful and very pleasant to deal with during our dinner. The food was good too. the complimentary shuffle was also great. Location to the airport great. Check in staff very pleasant andhelpful
stayed from 2018-09-09 to 2018-09-10 Excellent 10
2018-09-15 Mature couple Petaluma (en) perfect location to airport. desk staff & drivers very courteous & helpful.
stayed from 2018-09-08 to 2018-09-09 Excellent 10
2018-09-11 Single traveller Eliot (en) Everything was beautiful! The bed was extremely comfortable and the amenities were perfect!!!!
stayed from 2018-08-03 to 2018-08-04 Excellent 9.3
2018-09-11 Mature couple Point Cook (en) Having stayed Venice before and staying just o/night before a cruise it was an ideal, well appointed location before travelling on.
stayed from 2018-09-06 to 2018-09-07 Excellent 10
2018-09-09 With friends Princeton (en) Loved the hotel! Normally airport hotels are just ok but Annia Park is lovely, comfortable, and quiet. I would definitely stay again. Dinner was terrific!
stayed from 2018-09-05 to 2018-09-06 Excellent 9.8
2018-09-08 Single traveller Issaquah (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-09-05 to 2018-09-06 Excellent 10
2018-09-08 Mature couple Hendersonville (en) Positive review to be left for you at Tripadvisor We realize you cannot control the airport as far as pickup and dropoff sites, but there is no sign that says "Car Park 7". I explained this in my TA review to help future guests.
stayed from 2018-09-03 to 2018-09-04 Excellent 10
2018-09-06 Single traveller Sun City (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-09-02 to 2018-09-03 Excellent 9.9
2018-09-05 With friends Salida (en) great service, young man at the front desk is exceptional none
stayed from 2018-08-31 to 2018-09-01 Excellent 9.2
2018-09-04 Mature couple SELFKANT (en) Very close to airport. Beautiful, spacious, quiet room. Excellent hard mattress. Great selection of breakfast food. Nothing.
stayed from 2018-08-28 to 2018-08-29 Excellent 9.1
2018-09-03 Mature couple Milton Keynes (en) Lovely room and great service, the restaurant was great and the food spot on. Perfect for early morning flights and a useful shuttle service.
stayed from 2018-07-13 to 2018-07-15 Excellent 10
2018-09-02 Single traveller San Ramon (en) Spotlessly clean and comfortable well appointed modern rooms. Excellent and very accommodating professional staff. Conveniently close to the airport, with complimentary shuttle for pick up and drop off. Just a first rate experience all around.
stayed from 2018-08-28 to 2018-08-29 Excellent 9.7
2018-08-31 Mature couple Öckerö (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-08-28 to 2018-08-29 Good 7
2018-08-31 Single traveller Marietta (en) Great location. Quiet. Need to give instruction on reservation confirmation on how to get to P7 for pick up by the shuttle.
stayed from 2018-08-27 to 2018-08-28 Good 7.6
2018-08-30 Family with young children Tel Aviv (en) There were mosquitos in our room that bit us all night...
stayed from 2018-08-23 to 2018-08-24 Excellent 9.5
2018-08-27 Single traveller Salida (en) Wonderful staff Who make the extra effort for guests
stayed from 2018-08-17 to 2018-08-18 Good 7.1
2018-08-20 Family with young children Benalmadena (en) Close to the airport, cozy rooms, good beds Disorganized reception, watiing time considerable longer than expected.
stayed from 2018-08-12 to 2018-08-13 Excellent 9.8
2018-08-16 Single traveller Jupiter (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-08-07 to 2018-08-08 Excellent 8.7
2018-08-10 Mature couple Ytre Arna (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-08-05 to 2018-08-06 Excellent 10
2018-08-09 Single traveller RAMSAY (en) The reception helped us with the situation that a person in our party left her passport at the previous hotel. He called to confirm. He also helped us into our rooms. The hotel shuttle does not drop off close to the airport
stayed from 2018-08-03 to 2018-08-04 Excellent 9.8
2018-08-07 Single traveller London (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-08-02 to 2018-08-03 Excellent 9.7
2018-08-05 Single traveller Kraków (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-07-29 to 2018-07-30 Excellent 10
2018-08-02 Mature couple Nashville (en) Everything was great!
stayed from 2018-07-14 to 2018-07-15 Excellent 9
2018-07-29 Single traveller Havndal (en) Very friendly and always helpful staff
stayed from 2018-07-25 to 2018-07-26 Excellent 10
2018-07-28 Single traveller APO (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-07-24 to 2018-07-25 Good 6.8
2018-07-27 Single traveller Portola Valley (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-07-21 to 2018-07-22 Excellent 9.3
2018-07-24 Young couple Hamilton (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-18 Excellent 8.2
2018-07-23 Mature couple New Orleans (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-07-20 to 2018-07-21 Discreet 5.6
2018-07-23 Mature couple ZC (en) The room was nice. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I was very unsatisfied with my stay. I planned to drop off my rental car and get a ride back with the shuttle, but the staff refused to pick me up. I was told that I had to call, although I had no phone. I was told to use a "public phone", which I assume meant a pay phone. But there are none of these at the airport any more. So I walked. At midnight. Not what I signed up for. The reason to stay at Annia was to drop off the car and use the shuttle! What is the difference between telling the front desk agent I would be ready at 23:30, and calling? None. Your agent was unreasonable and rude. The Park Hotel Annia has lost a customer.
stayed from 2018-07-18 to 2018-07-19 Excellent 10
2018-07-21 Mature couple Hamilton (en) Great location clean nice staff free shuttle. Expensive cash bar and menu. Middle of grocery store.
stayed from 2018-07-18 to 2018-07-19 Excellent 9
2018-07-21 Single traveller Prior Lake (en) Nice property and very convenient for the airport. Had a wait 40 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up at the airport. Had called at 11:10 PM and person told us will be there in 15-20 min. No one showed up and called at 11:35 PM again and looks like they had no idea we wee waiting for the shuttle. So then waites 15 again for the shuttle to show up.
stayed from 2018-07-11 to 2018-07-12 Excellent 9.7
2018-07-20 Mature couple LJUBLJANA (en) This hotel is incredibly convenient for (early/late) flights from and back to the recently upgraded Venice Marco Polo Airport. The rooms are very comfortable, food and drink excellent. Early breakfast from 0430! The safe parking next to the hotel (where you leave your keys while away) is a great benefit and not excessively expensive. The shuttle too is utterly reliable. I always stay here! No complaints at all. What does "acceptance" mean, in the evaluation?
stayed from 2018-07-16 to 2018-07-17 Excellent 9.4
2018-07-19 Family with older children Stavanger (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-07-14 to 2018-07-15 Excellent 9
2018-07-17 Family with older children seattle (en) Fantastic breakfast, friendly staff and comfortable rooms Dinner was average
stayed from 2018-07-08 to 2018-07-09 Excellent 9.8
2018-07-11 With friends St. Petersburg (en) Grazie!!
stayed from 2018-07-06 to 2018-07-07 Excellent 10
2018-07-10 Mature couple Richmond (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-07-06 to 2018-07-07 Excellent 10
2018-07-09 Family with young children Silver Spring (en) The staff at check-in were extremely friendly and helpful.
stayed from 2018-07-05 to 2018-07-06 Excellent 9.9
2018-07-08 Young couple ramat-gan (en) everything was great. location and services. value for money. we shall meet again. noun
stayed from 2018-07-01 to 2018-07-02 Excellent 8.4
2018-07-05 Mature couple Tega Cay (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-07-02 to 2018-07-03 Excellent 9.9
2018-07-05 With friends Charlottesville (en) This hotel was a perfect place to end our Italian vacation. All of the staff members we interacted with were friendly and helpful. The rooms were spotlessly clean and the beds extremely comfortable. The location of the airport is a huge plus as we were there in five minutes. If we return to Venice, we will definitely consider this hotel again.
stayed from 2018-06-30 to 2018-07-02 Excellent 9.8
2018-07-04 Mature couple Poway (en) Excellent room details: Bed, lighting, minibar, bathroom, A/C, TV. Special pluses go to shaving mirror, mattress comfort, shower. Dinner was so good we chose it a second night. Breakfast was also superb. Only negative was pickup at the airport, took almost an hour on first attempt. Second time was much better at ten minutes.
stayed from 2018-06-29 to 2018-06-30 Excellent 10
2018-07-02 Single traveller seattle (en) Fabulous breakfast!
Van der velden
stayed from 2018-06-27 to 2018-06-28 Excellent 8.4
2018-07-02 Single traveller Waalwijk (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-06-25 to 2018-06-26 Excellent 10
2018-07-02 Single traveller APO (en) This was my second time staying here. The cost is worth it! The reception and hotel staff were very friendly (both times). The rooms were very comfortable and very,very clean. The walls, flooring, ceilings, bathrooms were spotless! I was very impressed and pleased.
stayed from 2018-06-18 to 2018-06-19 Excellent 9.9
2018-06-29 Mature couple Washington DC (en) Wonderful one night stay near airport!!!!
stayed from 2018-06-24 to 2018-06-25 Excellent 9.1
2018-06-27 Young couple Bergen (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-06-23 to 2018-06-24 Excellent 9.9
2018-06-26 Family with older children Spring (en) Unique and beautiful hotel in close proximity to the Venice airport. Lovely, clean accommodations and a friendly, efficient staff.
stayed from 2018-06-21 to 2018-06-22 Excellent 8.9
2018-06-24 Single traveller Aix en Provence (en) Perfect location for airport and efficient shuutle service . Friendly staff
stayed from 2018-06-18 to 2018-06-19 Excellent 10
2018-06-21 Single traveller The Woodlands, Texas (en) Wonderful! I have already written a review for Traveladvisor. None
stayed from 2018-06-08 to 2018-06-09 Good 6.3
2018-06-21 Family with older children Weston (en) Clean The shower was extremely uncomfortable. A room in the attic that doesn't have enough clearance is not appropriate. For the price paid, the quality of the room and bathroom should have been much higher.
stayed from 2018-06-17 to 2018-06-18 Excellent 10
2018-06-20 Mature couple Southport (en) Very happy with the standard of the room and service.
stayed from 2018-06-13 to 2018-06-14 Excellent 9.8
2018-06-16 Single traveller Reston (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-06-13 to 2018-06-14 Excellent 10
2018-06-16 Family with older children Orlando (en) Every thing was perfect. We arrived late evening and were immediately greeted at the door. Received help with our luggage and escorted to room. Dinner was lovely and the room comfortable.
stayed from 2018-06-13 to 2018-06-14 Excellent 8.8
2018-06-16 Single traveller Rock, Wadebridge (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-06-13 to 2018-06-14 Excellent 10
2018-06-16 Family with older children Fruitland Park (en) Great experience. Wpuld definitely stay here again.
stayed from 2018-06-07 to 2018-06-08 Excellent 10
2018-06-15 Mature couple Herring Cove (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-06-10 to 2018-06-11 Excellent 8.4
2018-06-13 With friends West Hollywood (en) The gentleman who picked us up in the shuttle, and then took us to our rooms, then came to our room later to work out why the air conditioning wasn't working was EXTREMELY professional and friendly and absolute asset to your company. We even tried to tip him, unsuccessfully as he refused, because he went above and beyond his service. Dinner room service was very 'American' Italian which was a shame. In Italy, I prefer to eat real traditional Italian food. The bruschetta specifically tasted like an an American cheese pizza on toast, and nothing like bruschetta.
stayed from 2018-06-09 to 2018-06-10 Discreet 4.3
2018-06-12 Family with older children Bowie (en) AC too loud. No option to be transferred from the rail station.
stayed from 2018-06-06 to 2018-06-07 Excellent 9.8
2018-06-09 Single traveller Kingston (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-06-05 to 2018-06-06 Excellent 10
2018-06-08 Mature couple Berkeley (en) OUr experience was positive in every way. We left too early for breakfast.
stayed from 2018-05-30 to 2018-05-31 Excellent 9.3
2018-06-02 Mature couple Media (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-05-29 to 2018-05-30 Excellent 9.6
2018-06-01 With friends Vero Beach (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-05-28 to 2018-05-29 Excellent 9.6
2018-05-31 Mature couple Mashpee (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-05-27 to 2018-05-28 Excellent 8.3
2018-05-30 Mature couple Dallas (en) Very convenient location. The free shuttle was great. It was a little bit hard to locates the pickup point at the airport. I am not sure what can be done, but the signage at the airport is not good. The room was a great size. You really need new mattresses. The bed’s slope. In addition the very crap, thin towels don’t help matters. The perceived value for the hotel would change dramatically if these things were addressed as your location is fantastic and the hotel structure and grounds are excellent.
stayed from 2018-05-26 to 2018-05-27 Excellent 10
2018-05-29 Young couple San Diego (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-05-21 to 2018-05-23 Good 7.7
2018-05-25 Single traveller Chester-le-Street (en) food and bar staff were excellent Air conditioning did not work.
stayed from 2018-05-19 to 2018-05-20 Excellent 9.8
2018-05-24 Young couple Philadelphia (en) This was the nicest hotel I've stayed at in such close proximity to an airport. The room was lovely and sophisticated, the breakfast was hearty and set me up for a full day of travel. The staff was helpful and friendly, and out limited Italian wasn't an issue here. Great stay! This probably can't be helped terribly because of the shape of the room (202), but that was a very awkward shower, haha.
stayed from 2018-05-17 to 2018-05-18 Excellent 10
2018-05-21 Mature couple ENID (en) Great hotel, food was excellent.
stayed from 2018-05-17 to 2018-05-18 Excellent 10
2018-05-20 Single traveller Keswick (en) Quality hotel very close to the airport. Very welcoming, beautiful bedroom, comfy bed, good hot shower. Spotlessly clean. Shuttle service to the airport.
stayed from 2018-05-11 to 2018-05-12 Excellent 9.1
2018-05-14 Mature couple Colleyville (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-05-08 to 2018-05-09 Excellent 9.6
2018-05-11 Mature couple Rehovot (en) Perfect option for overnight stay before early morning or after late evening flight.
stayed from 2018-05-06 to 2018-05-07 Excellent 9.6
2018-05-10 Single traveller Brookline (en) Lovely, comfortable, clean accommodations.
stayed from 2018-05-06 to 2018-05-07 Excellent 9.3
2018-05-09 Mature couple Waltham Cross (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-04-21 to 2018-04-22 Excellent 10
2018-05-07 Mature couple Waconia (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-05-02 to 2018-05-03 Excellent 10
2018-05-06 Single traveller Newnan (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-05-02 to 2018-05-03 Excellent 9
2018-05-05 Mature couple jerusalem (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-04-30 to 2018-05-01 Excellent 9.1
2018-05-03 Mature couple Kauniainen (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-04-30 to 2018-05-01 Discreet 4.9
2018-05-03 Mature couple SAN FRANCISCO (en) Great location for air travelers Front desk person rude
stayed from 2018-04-30 to 2018-05-01 Excellent 10
2018-05-03 Mature couple Newnan (en) This hotel is perfectly located close to the airport and the Alilaguna to Venezia. The staff were very professional as well as warm and hospitable. The food was excellent and the rooms very clean.
stayed from 2018-04-29 to 2018-04-30 Excellent 9.6
2018-05-02 Mature couple Shoreline (en) Your hotel was perfect for arriving in the late afternoon to Venice. We went into Venice in the morning. Then we stayed at your hotel again for one night before an early morning flight back to home. We enjoyed our stay very much. Thank you.
stayed from 2018-04-27 to 2018-04-28 Excellent 9.8
2018-05-01 Mature couple Alpharetta (en) Nice hotel and restaurant, conveniently located to the airport. Free shuttle service was great.
stayed from 2018-04-25 to 2018-04-26 Excellent 8.1
2018-05-01 Mature couple Kauniainen (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-04-24 to 2018-04-25 Excellent 9
2018-04-27 Single traveller Springfield (en) Rooms were clean and modern; check in staff were very helpful especially since they were dealing with Americans who spoke little Italian. We ordered drinks and simple sandwiches in the bar for our dinner and the bar manager was fun and helpful. Van driver in the early morning was fast and helpful as well.
stayed from 2018-04-06 to 2018-04-07 Excellent 10
2018-04-25 Mature couple San Diego (en) Conveniently located and the free shuttle is a plus. The Restaurant is amazing and we would stay here again.
stayed from 2018-04-20 to 2018-04-21 Excellent 8.9
2018-04-23 Single traveller Shoreline (en) The air conditioning did not work for us. I called and they person said it is turned on but we could not figure it out. It was very warm because the sun had heated the room. We are staying again on our return so I hope the air conditioning works. Otherwise, we enjoyed the stay. Nice room and bed.
stayed from 2018-04-12 to 2018-04-13 Excellent 10
2018-04-22 Young couple CLEMMONS (en) Excellent hotel, I would stay again Paving the parking lot for hotel guests would be great. I got white marks inside my car because of the parking lot. Rolling luggage to our room was difficult because of the parking lot. Having some covered parking would be great as well.
stayed from 2018-04-17 to 2018-04-18 Good 6.2
2018-04-20 Mature couple Cooper City (en) The hotel was quiet and located close to the airport. Properly appointed and generally comfortable. Air conditioning worked well. We stayed In Room 101 where we had No hot water. After advising the staff of the lack of hot water when I showered after checking in, the problem was not resolved. I was forced to take an ice cold shower the next morning before flying home. The reception desk thanked me for telling her and advised that they were having boiler issues. No concessions were offered and not even an apology. We were also charged for breakfast even though we were advised that it was included. Very disappointing, especially for what we paid. This could have been a 5 star review but for the lack of concern over the inoperable hot water.
stayed from 2018-04-15 to 2018-04-17 Discreet 5.5
2018-04-19 Family with young children BOTHELL (en) The lights stopped working in our room. We had to transfer to another room. Not good. The room was too hot. No AC. Had to open the window but then the bigs came in. Walls are too thin and the there was a lot of shouting in the adjacent room at 2am in the night. Overall experience was bad.
stayed from 2018-04-08 to 2018-04-09 Excellent 9.6
2018-04-17 Mature couple Ossining (en) Very convenient to airport and to bus into Venice. Excellent dinner which surprised us. Very clean and comfortable room and helpful and friendly staff
stayed from 2018-04-14 to 2018-04-15 Excellent 10
2018-04-17 Single traveller Etobicoke (en) Very happy with my stay
stayed from 2018-04-12 to 2018-04-13 Excellent 10
2018-04-15 Mature couple APO (en) We love staying at your hotel. The staff is wonderful!!
stayed from 2018-04-10 to 2018-04-11 Excellent 9.3
2018-04-13 Single traveller Lake Orion (en) Location location location, Just note the restaurant is not open all the time and you may need to grab a taxi for food. The room was awesome and clean. It is very close to the airport but you do not hear the planes. Very Nice and I would stay here again for sure
stayed from 2018-04-09 to 2018-04-10 Excellent 10
2018-04-12 Mature couple Orlando (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-04-09 to 2018-04-10 Excellent 9.1
2018-04-12 Single traveller Huntington Beach (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-03-30 to 2018-03-31 Excellent 10
2018-04-02 Family with young children Chester Springs (en) The staff was exceptionally nice! We were so tired and they personally came to our room to take our room service dinner request and then the same person delivered it! That was very nice. The TV must run over the internet because it was very glitchy and choppy. We could not successfully watch any channel without it stopping often and being glitchy. I could not for the life of me figure out the heating and cooling situation. I tried to adjust the thermostat to about 21º C and no matter what I tried I could not do it. It was very hot sleeping there as I was on the 2nd floor and the temperature was about 32º all night. I could not sleep well because of being so hot. Otherwise it is a great hotel!
stayed from 2018-03-25 to 2018-03-26 Excellent 8.9
2018-03-28 Family with young children Haifa (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-03-25 to 2018-03-26 Excellent 10
2018-03-28 Family with young children Winfield (en) Check in was easy and everything was well explained. Quick access to the airport.
stayed from 2018-03-23 to 2018-03-24 Excellent 10
2018-03-26 Family with young children GOLDEN (en) Beautiful room and hotel. Convenient location. Family friendly. Very nice breakfast.
stayed from 2018-02-28 to 2018-03-01 Excellent 10
2018-03-25 Single traveller Sun City (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-03-16 to 2018-03-17 Excellent 9.1
2018-03-19 Single traveller Claremont (en) Staff was amongst the friendliest I've seen in all of Italy! Some of the breakfast food seemed rotten/gone bad.
stayed from 2018-03-10 to 2018-03-11 Excellent 9.5
2018-03-13 Mature couple Berlin (en) Great experience. We did not have breakfast as it was not included. Please delete my entry above.
stayed from 2018-03-06 to 2018-03-07 Excellent 9.2
2018-03-10 Single traveller Ketchum (en) I am a tour operator and was recommended to your hotel by the head of tourism for Alta Badia. Since 2014 I have been using your hotel and have referred it to clients. I would like to set up a relationship with your hotel as a tour operator. thank you!
stayed from 2018-03-02 to 2018-03-03 Good 7.4
2018-03-05 Family with young children Vijfhuizen (en) Early morning airport shuttle was helpful. Exposed beams in ceiling & indentations in floor of room were extremely dangerous....showering was near to impossible for someone of average height with location of beams in bathroom over the shower. Room was very dark even with all lights on.
stayed from 2018-03-02 to 2018-03-03 Excellent 9.5
2018-03-05 Mature couple Bristol (en) Clean, friendly, efficient, we’ll situated Dinner was good but a little expensive
stayed from 2018-03-01 to 2018-03-02 Excellent 9.8
2018-03-04 Single traveller Fort Worth (en) I always love staying here on my last night before traveling back to the states. The staff is extremely gracious and the rooms are spacious and impeccably clean with added features. I I always pay extra to have the breakfast, and my flight usually leaves between 7 and 8 AM. Therefore I leave for the airport on the 530 shuttle. I would love to see some of the warmer dishes offered at this time rather than just pastries.
stayed from 2018-01-26 to 2018-01-27 Excellent 9.4
2018-02-25 Family with older children Cremorne Point (en) This is a very good, comfortable hotel, conveniently positioned close to the airport. We particularly appreciate the airport shuttle service.
stayed from 2018-02-17 to 2018-02-18 Excellent 9.8
2018-02-20 Single traveller LONDON (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-02-16 to 2018-02-17 Excellent 10
2018-02-19 Young couple 6050 (en) Love it. Super fresh, new and modern and nice staff also. it was nothing negative, it was perfect!!
stayed from 2018-02-12 to 2018-02-13 Sufficient 3.6
2018-02-15 Mature couple petach tikva (en) Very bad hotel. The room was terrible no place even gor the suitcase in the rspace even for one suitcase. The stafe were not kindly and did not try to finre unkindly. I will recomend not to come to your hotel
stayed from 2018-02-11 to 2018-02-12 Good 6.1
2018-02-15 Mature couple naples (en) without asking my permission to not be charged in euros, your clerk charged me in us dollars at an unfavorable exchange rate. i should have demanded that he rebill me in euros, but i was not sure at the time that the exchange rate was not the bank exchange rate used by my credit card. i am going to report this so that other users are on the alert
stayed from 2018-02-07 to 2018-02-08 Excellent 9.7
2018-02-10 Young couple Rab (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-02-03 to 2018-02-04 Excellent 9.7
2018-02-06 Mature couple LONDON (en) l have already done a review for trip adviser--l think the hotel was great and we liked the bit of artistic flair--garden and pictures etc fresh fruit and honey comb was excellent at breakfast staff very pleasant shuttle good and free fresh bread to cut would have been better at breakfast rather than rolls space is tight everywhere and the designer sink in the bedroom does not really work--you get splashed as the water bounces off the plug--nothing you can do about that we were not inspired by the dinner menu--you should make it available in the room--we went to look in the restaurant and decided to go to the pizzeria
stayed from 2018-01-19 to 2018-01-20 Excellent 9.6
2018-01-31 Single traveller Garden Grove (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-01-24 to 2018-01-25 Excellent 9.4
2018-01-27 Single traveller Southlake (en) Everything meets or exceeds expectation. Shuttle schedule seems to be sporadic at night.
stayed from 2018-01-22 to 2018-01-24 Excellent 9.9
2018-01-26 Single traveller Birmingham (en) Very nice hotel close to the airport. The shuttle was excellent and made my whole trip much easier. Restaurant was good.
stayed from 2018-01-08 to 2018-01-09 Excellent 8.9
2018-01-22 Single traveller Venezia (en) i love this hotel! But i had asked for a specific room and didn't get it, with no explanation why not. Probably I should have insisted when I arrived, but I didn't. Reserved dinner but the chef did not appear. Nevertheless, the dinner at the nearby hotel was superb!
stayed from 2018-01-04 to 2018-01-05 Excellent 9.9
2018-01-16 Mature couple Los Angeles (en) Very nice place near the airport. Staff is very courteous and helpful.
stayed from 2018-01-10 to 2018-01-11 Excellent 9.3
2018-01-16 Mature couple Telzstone (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-01-06 to 2018-01-07 Excellent 8.5
2018-01-09 Single traveller Branson (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2018-01-06 to 2018-01-07 Good 7.7
2018-01-09 Family with older children Athens (en) Friendly staff Dry environment inside the room...Not sure whether the heating was the problem but during the night the air was very dry! Room a little small.
stayed from 2017-12-13 to 2017-12-14 Excellent 10
2017-12-16 Single traveller Moshav Regba (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-12-13 to 2017-12-14 Excellent 10
2017-12-16 Single traveller Haifa (en) The user have left no reviews.
I Tung
stayed from 2017-12-10 to 2017-12-11 Excellent 9.2
2017-12-13 Single traveller Hong Kong (en) The staff are really nice and kind!! Will recommend others to stay!!
stayed from 2017-12-05 to 2017-12-06 Excellent 10
2017-12-09 Single traveller East Wenatchee (en) Very much enjoyed my stay.
stayed from 2017-11-30 to 2017-12-01 Excellent 10
2017-12-04 Single traveller Monroeville (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-11-30 to 2017-12-01 Excellent 8.9
2017-12-04 Single traveller Boulder (en) Very clean rooms, comfortable. Great convenient airport shuttle. Quick responses to email questions, thank you! Seemed a little short staffed for dinner service. The shower in our room leaked a bit onto the floor.
stayed from 2017-11-18 to 2017-11-19 Excellent 9.8
2017-11-21 Single traveller Wheaton (en) Everyone I encountered from the Park Hotel Annia team was first rate, especially my server in the restaurant and Paolo at the front desk Saturday evening. I loved my stay so much that I will make Park Hotel Annia my home for future stays in the Venice area, regardless of how long I stay. Thank you.
stayed from 2017-11-16 to 2017-11-17 Excellent 8.7
2017-11-20 Single traveller Washington (en) Davide was very helpful
stayed from 2017-11-13 to 2017-11-14 Excellent 9
2017-11-17 Mature couple Port St Lucie (en) We enjoyed our stay with you. Very clean room. Made our day of flying home stress free.
stayed from 2017-11-13 to 2017-11-14 Excellent 9.8
2017-11-16 Single traveller Kuurne (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-11-13 to 2017-11-14 Good 7.7
2017-11-16 Single traveller Limeira (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-11-10 to 2017-11-11 Excellent 10
2017-11-14 Young couple Safety Harbor (en) Wonderful experience! Shuttle was fantastic. Room was also great! Highly recommend.
stayed from 2017-11-07 to 2017-11-08 Excellent 9.4
2017-11-10 Mature couple Lima (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-11-06 to 2017-11-07 Excellent 10
2017-11-09 Mature couple Essendon (en) Everything about the hotel was very good. We were grateful that the hotel organised for us to be taken to a local tavern for lunch. However, the women who came to take our order (black hair, slim build) was extremely abrupt and arrogant. The waitress (fair hair, short) gave us dirty (i.e. used) crumpled serviettes. We were appalled by the way that we were treated. We are quiet, polite and friendly in our interactions with others. We were travelling in Italy for nearly 6 weeks and this was the worse treatment that we experienced in the whole time we were there.
stayed from 2017-11-03 to 2017-11-04 Excellent 9.1
2017-11-06 Mature couple Berkeley (en) Our room was very comfortable and spotless. The single server in the dining room was heroic, efficient and extremely cordial. She doubtless needs a raise! At the time we walked in, the room was full--a table of 6 or 8, and at least four other tables of 2 to 3. She was great. The chicken breast in a lemon parsley sauce was very good. Other things on the menu not so good. Of course, this is a small thing compared to the major service you provide: lovely accommodations for travelers, quick, efficient airport service. All very good. I shall recommend you and should our travels require another early morning departure, will be happy to return.
stayed from 2017-10-31 to 2017-11-01 Excellent 8.3
2017-11-05 Single traveller Armadale (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-11-02 to 2017-11-03 Excellent 10
2017-11-05 With friends Alexandria (en) Very nice hotel. Comfortable and convenient. Excellent staff.
stayed from 2017-10-27 to 2017-10-28 Discreet 5.2
2017-10-30 Young couple Montreal (en) The room is nice. Wifi works well. It is not clear the correct path to walk from the airport to the hotel. I took a wrong path and had to cross a highway. The towel warmer did not work and I was not told how to turn it on. I was told someone would come and show me which I didn't want to bother with. But the towel warmer seemed to not function at all. There was broken plastic in the temperature dial. There were bugs in the room and I was told there is nothing that can be done and that they can come on via closed windows. Unacceptable, tape the windows shut if this is the case. Around 10 we wanted coffee and could not sit in the dining area with windows because the kitchen was closed. We sat outside where it was cold. I feel this was overpriced and I don't want to stay here again.
stayed from 2017-10-26 to 2017-10-27 Excellent 10
2017-10-29 Mature couple Ballston Spa (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-10-20 to 2017-10-21 Excellent 10
2017-10-27 Mature couple TEMPE (en) This hotel is excellent - beautifully appointed large rooms, fast internet, and large bathrooms. Shuttle service 5 minutes from airport. My flight was canceled so I extended my stay another day - enjoyed the property, a generous breakfast, and delicious dinner. Gracious and friendly desk service - loved this hotel!
stayed from 2017-10-23 to 2017-10-24 Excellent 8.5
2017-10-27 Mature couple Saratoga (en) Large , clean convenient room . Really convenient shuttle service . I appreciate the 4:30AM first shuttle . Did not have dinner or breakfast so cannot comment . Could not see outside ( window on roof and near floor level .
stayed from 2017-10-22 to 2017-10-23 Excellent 9.1
2017-10-25 Single traveller London (en) Very close to airport with free shuttle service The internet connection in my room was unreliable and I had to make a telephone call to the UK instead of using Skype
stayed from 2017-10-12 to 2017-10-14 Excellent 10
2017-10-22 Single traveller Orlando (en) My stay at Annia was very enjoyable and the staff was so helpful. Will definitely stay there again and recommend them.
stayed from 2017-10-17 to 2017-10-18 Excellent 9.9
2017-10-21 Single traveller Honolulu (en) Lovely space for a single traveler. Large, well laid out, bathroom of superior standard, very modern and well maintained. Difficult to place a call for shuttle service once I landed since I don't have an international cell phone. Public phones not working (tried several times); info center of no help. Finally, with the help of a stranger, the call was placed to let the hotel know that I was waiting. They came within 10 minutes.
stayed from 2017-10-17 to 2017-10-18 Excellent 9.1
2017-10-20 Mature couple Hanover (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-10-16 to 2017-10-17 Excellent 9
2017-10-19 Single traveller Tranent (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-10-13 to 2017-10-14 Excellent 9.9
2017-10-16 With friends Sudbury, ON (en) The Park Hotel Annia is a beautiful place to stay in Venice. The shuttle service to and from the Marco Polo airport is excellent and frequent, making it easy to visit Venice or any of the islands. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The rooms are spotless, spacious and modern; beds are very comfortable. There were 4 people in our group, and everyone agreed that we would highly recommend this hotel.
stayed from 2017-10-11 to 2017-10-12 Excellent 8.2
2017-10-14 Single traveller HOEK (en) Quality of the hotel room and food at restaurant. Quality of service of shuttle and staff. Noise insulation with other rooms. Very early weak-up calls from other rooms can be heard Price of the rooms. With 2 other colleagues, large spread in pricing. Furthermore pricing significantly than ~1 month ago.
stayed from 2017-10-08 to 2017-10-09 Excellent 8.8
2017-10-11 Single traveller St. John's (en) The receptionists were very helpful. Great location
stayed from 2017-10-07 to 2017-10-08 Excellent 10
2017-10-10 Mature couple Saint Paul (en) I cannot say enough good about your unique and wonderful hotel. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our short time spent as your guests. Your staff was so gracious, from the reception to the restaurant, through the departure. Our dinner in your restaurant was an extraordinary gastronomic delight! We were disappointed that our flight was too early the following day to enjoy breakfast with you. Although you are located close to the airport, we were not bothered by any plane noise at all. If our future travel plans include a stay in Venice, we most certainly will choose your hotel again! Thank you for a most memorable finale to our already remarkable vacation!!
stayed from 2017-10-07 to 2017-10-08 Excellent 10
2017-10-10 Single traveller Aberdeen (en) Hope to come back in the future told a friend about it in Aberdeen. Also told another friend in Medicina Bologna about the hotel he looked on internet and was impressed.
stayed from 2017-10-06 to 2017-10-07 Good 7.8
2017-10-09 Mature couple Eagle (en) Clean. Fixed a bathroom sink leak promptly. We asked reception and even called them from the airport to pick us up after we dropped off our car but they never bothered to pick us up. We had to take a taxi back to the hotel. We were not pleased. Poor customer service. The van was just sitting in the parking lot when we arrived.
stayed from 2017-09-30 to 2017-10-01 Excellent 9.7
2017-10-06 With friends VISALIA (en) This was a great place to stay, the only down side is we didn't realize the distance from Treviso airport so no shuttle, however we found a friendly taxi driver who took us to the hotel rather late in the evening. The shuttle the next morning to Marco Polo was timely with excellent service. All the staff were very friendly and helpful and the room was very comfortable with a lot of very helpful amenities. Thank you! We couldn't figure out how to work the air conditioner!
stayed from 2017-10-02 to 2017-10-04 Excellent 9.6
2017-10-06 With friends Centennial (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-09-29 to 2017-09-30 Excellent 9
2017-10-06 With friends Dundas (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-10-03 to 2017-10-04 Good 7.8
2017-10-06 Single traveller Toronto (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-10-02 to 2017-10-03 Excellent 9.2
2017-10-05 Mature couple Cincinati (en) Loved your hotel and will stay there again on our next trip to Venice...The restaurant and kitchen staff are wonderful and deserve to be complimented. Thank you for the perfect ending to our trip to Italy.
stayed from 2017-10-01 to 2017-10-02 Excellent 10
2017-10-05 Single traveller Los Angeles (en) Grazie mille ancora per aver cambiato la mia riservazione da Domenca sera a Martedi sera. Se siete in zona Los Angeles fatemelo sapere che vi aspetto al mio bar Cordiali Saluti Vincenzo Marianella
stayed from 2017-09-28 to 2017-09-29 Excellent 10
2017-10-05 Mature couple Caledonia (en) Very nice modern hotel. Comfortable beds and room. Food was very good as was the service.
stayed from 2017-10-02 to 2017-10-03 Excellent 9.6
2017-10-05 Single traveller Woodbury (en) I was really pleased with my stay at this hotel. I selected it because of its closeness to the airport and was very pleased with my stay. The bed was very comfortable, the food decent, room clean and staff outstanding. I will recommend the hotel to my friends. I could not adjust the temperature in the room - it was too warm for me. I changed the settings but the temperature didn't change accordingly.
stayed from 2017-10-01 to 2017-10-02 Excellent 9.8
2017-10-05 Single traveller Bainbridge Island (en) Thank you for your kind service - it seems very rare in today's hospitality world. The 2 gentlemen who checked us in, Paulo, and another, were kind and professional.
stayed from 2017-09-24 to 2017-09-25 Excellent 10
2017-10-04 Young couple Malahat (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-10-01 to 2017-10-02 Excellent 10
2017-10-04 Single traveller Sewickley (en) Much nicer than anything near the airport in the US.
stayed from 2017-10-01 to 2017-10-02 Excellent 8
2017-10-04 Family with older children Toronto (en) Nice hotel, room clean and modern. Couple of things. I had read that they had a great restaurant but on arrival was told it was closed. An alternate restaurant was recommended and they provided a shuttle. Concerning the room, room temperature increased during the night and the room was stifling. Opened the windows and welcomed the bugs.
stayed from 2017-09-30 to 2017-10-01 Excellent 9.5
2017-10-03 Mature couple London (en) Great location. Excellent dinner and breakfast. Beautiful rooms. Welcoming and helpful staff. A little road traffic noise but not too bad.
stayed from 2017-09-29 to 2017-09-30 Excellent 9
2017-10-02 Single traveller Boise (en) The room was very clean and nicely appointed. The gentleman at reception was very helpful and kind. Transport to/from the airport was much appreciated. Location near the airport is great! The air conditioner only went down to 21C. We were too warm and opened the windows. Consequently we both woke up in the morning covered with insect bites. We were surprised the grounds around the building our room was in were so unkept.
stayed from 2017-09-29 to 2017-09-30 Excellent 9.6
2017-10-02 Family with young children Rauma (en) I was really happy to stay at your hotel. Room was nide and cozy, and it had fresh air without aircon. Also I was happy to recieve the room earlier than was supposed. Morning/night front desk needs to sille more but otherwise your staff was Nice and helpful. I would provide a floorswipe to bathroom.
stayed from 2017-09-28 to 2017-09-29 Excellent 10
2017-10-01 Single traveller Universal City (en) This hotel so surpassed our expectations. We will recommend to all of our friends and military acquaintances to use this hotel. We were more than pleasantly surprised by the excellence of the food prepared by your chef.
stayed from 2017-09-06 to 2017-09-07 Excellent 10
2017-09-30 Mature couple greenmount (en) great hotel that exceeded our expectations.. good work with the noise cancelling construction we didn't hear a plane all night.
stayed from 2017-09-26 to 2017-09-27 Excellent 9.7
2017-09-29 Single traveller Wichita Falls (en) The front desk was very helpful in getting a reservation changed. 2 rooms were reserved but 1 had to be canceled. Also, the hotel was helpful in where to catch the bus to the hotel. I missed it the first time and they came back quickly. The air conditioning did not work. Outside tempurature was mild so the room was just a few degrees to warm.
stayed from 2017-09-24 to 2017-09-25 Excellent 10
2017-09-28 Mature couple St Augustine (en) We thoroughly enjoyed our short stay. Very convenient and not at all a typical airport hotel. On the contrary it is very country style, modern interior and very clean. We highly recommend it.
stayed from 2017-09-24 to 2017-09-25 Excellent 8.6
2017-09-28 Single traveller Charlotte (en) Airport shuttle was convenient and very helpful Keeping the card in the slot for the lights to stay on was odd. I took it out and then the room powered down on me. Stumbled around in the dark.
stayed from 2017-09-19 to 2017-09-20 Excellent 8.1
2017-09-24 Single traveller Yokohama (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-09-16 to 2017-09-17 Excellent 10
2017-09-22 Mature couple Saratoga (en) This was a wonderful place to stay. Super comfortable beds, beautiful spacious bathrooms, and lovely accommodations with an excellent restaurant. The convenience of the nearby airport, with a very efficient shuttle, made us feel relaxed and confident that we would not miss our early morning flight! We had an excellent night's rest. We would definitely stay here again, and recommend you to our friends and family. Not your fault...but my husband left his iPhone charger in our room (#55) on the night of September 16th. Did you find it there?
stayed from 2017-09-18 to 2017-09-19 Excellent 10
2017-09-21 Single traveller SPRINGFIELD (en) Only complaint was that operation of shower was not explained
stayed from 2017-09-17 to 2017-09-18 Excellent 9.3
2017-09-21 Mature couple Hutchinson (en) Staff was very helpful and shuttle service to the airport very efficient. I wish we would have been notified before arrival that the kitchen was not in service.
stayed from 2017-09-16 to 2017-09-17 Excellent 10
2017-09-19 Single traveller Beavercreek (en) I really enjoyed my stay at your property. The only issue was my stay was too short. The hotel staff were all very nice and accommodating and the hotel itself was clean and comfortable. The history of the hotel is very interesting. I was in Venice on business but I hope to visit again soon with my wife. When that happens, I will be definitely be making reservations at the Annia Park Hotel! Grazie mille!
stayed from 2017-09-15 to 2017-09-16 Excellent 10
2017-09-18 Young couple Hoover (en) Much nicer than any airport hotel I've stayed in. Convenient too. Sofa smelled a little moldy like it had been wet before.
stayed from 2017-09-14 to 2017-09-15 Excellent 9.1
2017-09-18 Mature couple VANCOUVER (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-09-12 to 2017-09-13 Excellent 8.5
2017-09-15 Single traveller Norsborg (en) Nice Staff Good dinner to a reasonably price Flushing of the toilet low
stayed from 2017-09-10 to 2017-09-11 Excellent 9.1
2017-09-13 Mature couple Stoneham (en) Great location. Very handy to/from the airport. Shuttle service to airport and water bus was very fast and convenient. Can be a bit loud in the room if you have a rowdy neighbor, but it was not too bad.
stayed from 2017-09-08 to 2017-09-09 Excellent 8.6
2017-09-12 Single traveller Almere (en) The staff are very friendly and helpful. I got skin irritation from the bed sheet/cover. This usually don't happen to me.
stayed from 2017-09-08 to 2017-09-09 Excellent 8.4
2017-09-11 Single traveller San Diego (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-09-07 to 2017-09-08 Excellent 9.3
2017-09-11 Single traveller HOEK (en) Very well settled and clean room; very professional staff; easy access to the airport; small bottle of water available. Corridors somewhat noisy late in the evening: noise insulation not optimal; price somewhat on high side vs. expectations.
stayed from 2017-09-07 to 2017-09-08 Excellent 9.9
2017-09-10 Mature couple Grosse Pointe (en) The staff was wonderful. In particular your evening desk receptionist. She helped us finding where a wedding reception was taking place
stayed from 2017-09-07 to 2017-09-08 Excellent 9.8
2017-09-10 With friends Montreal (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-09-03 to 2017-09-04 Excellent 9.7
2017-09-06 Single traveller Newberg, Oregon (en) I really like the Parkhotel Annia and have stayed there many times. I really appreciate the staff, accommodations and the close location to the airport. Many thanks, Ed Godshalk PS I could not rate dinner accurately, since arrived after 10PM and had potato chips with my drink. No complaints, I love this place.
stayed from 2017-09-02 to 2017-09-03 Excellent 9.8
2017-09-06 Mature couple Banchory (en) We were well-received and appreciated the quality, peacefulness and location fo the hotel. The staff were welcoming and obliging. We would recommend the hotel to others. With thanks.
stayed from 2017-08-28 to 2017-08-29 Excellent 10
2017-09-05 Single traveller Sun City (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-09-01 to 2017-09-02 Excellent 9
2017-09-04 Family with older children Kiev (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-08-13 to 2017-08-14 Excellent 10
2017-08-20 Mature couple Jerusalem (en) You did NOT call us at 4:30am in the morning. The reason I believe was because you changed our room but did not update your records
stayed from 2017-08-15 to 2017-08-17 Excellent 9.9
2017-08-19 Family with older children Portsmouth (en) All excellent! Pleasant, helpful staff. Good location, good shuttle service. Easy access to Venice.
stayed from 2017-07-28 to 2017-07-29 Excellent 10
2017-08-12 Family with young children Havant (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-07-01 to 2017-07-02 Good 7.1
2017-08-04 Single traveller Auckland (en) close to airport dinner was inedible 3 of us ordered cabonara and it was so bad could not eat it
stayed from 2017-07-30 to 2017-07-31 Excellent 10
2017-08-02 Family with older children Arlington Heights (en) We had a wonderful time staying at Annia. I wish we could have stayed longer than 1 night. The breakfast was great, transportation helpful, and staff very polite. Thank you, Karen Thomas
stayed from 2017-07-28 to 2017-07-29 Excellent 9.8
2017-07-31 Single traveller beaumaris (en) Excellent hotel..just the right size, I hate large hotels. Very efficient pick up and drop off at the airport (and quick). Also, the hotels mini van dropped and collected me at the water bus terminal for a quick trip into venice.. Very nice and friendly staff, I would definately recommend.
stayed from 2017-07-26 to 2017-07-28 Excellent 9.8
2017-07-30 Mature couple Ayr (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-07-20 to 2017-07-21 Excellent 9.9
2017-07-23 Mature couple APO AE (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-07-19 to 2017-07-20 Excellent 8.8
2017-07-23 Single traveller Gothenburg (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-07-18 to 2017-07-19 Good 7.1
2017-07-21 Mature couple Atlanta (en) great airport transport; great dinner; good A/C. Bathroom large and well equipped, bed comfortable. 1.major light source in room times out after only 30 seconds; hard to be sure about packing all luggage. 2. blinking red light located directly above bed made it necessary to use a towel to cover eyes to get any sleep at all!
stayed from 2017-07-14 to 2017-07-15 Excellent 8.9
2017-07-18 Mature couple san juan (en) Very attentive personnel in reception and dining room. Brought in lost eyeglasses to airport for me. mold in bathtub tile
stayed from 2017-07-06 to 2017-07-07 Excellent 9.6
2017-07-09 Family with older children West Bloomfield (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-07-03 to 2017-07-04 Excellent 9.1
2017-07-06 Family with older children TAUNTON (en) Very nice hotel close to airport without any noise from planes. Dinner in restaurant was very good. All staff very friendly. Free shuttle bus to and from airport. Would stay again. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
stayed from 2017-07-02 to 2017-07-03 Excellent 9.6
2017-07-05 Single traveller New York (en) Very nicely designed hotel.
Merrie Hupp
stayed from 2017-07-01 to 2017-07-02 Excellent 10
2017-07-04 Mature couple South Jordan (en) Great bed! Great pillows. Good shower.
stayed from 2017-06-24 to 2017-06-25 Good 7.6
2017-06-28 Mature couple TOKYO (en) Enough facilities, we were so satisfied.
stayed from 2017-06-23 to 2017-06-24 Excellent 8.8
2017-06-26 Single traveller seattle (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-06-23 to 2017-06-24 Excellent 9.3
2017-06-26 Single traveller des moines (en) Very nice hotel and very well kept
stayed from 2017-06-16 to 2017-06-17 Excellent 10
2017-06-19 Single traveller BOCA RATON (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-06-13 to 2017-06-14 Excellent 10
2017-06-16 Family with older children Tampa (en) Excellent!
stayed from 2017-06-03 to 2017-06-04 Excellent 8
2017-06-10 Mature couple Poulton-le-Fylde (en) In terms of physical amenities, the room was very comfortable and the proximity to the airport was excellent We were in room 105 directly over the kitchen and there were many loud noises all night. Also, we were told at reception that the hotel was "out on a limb" which suggested that there were no other places to eat. Not true as the village had at least four other places to eat an evening meal.
stayed from 2017-05-20 to 2017-05-21 Excellent 8.1
2017-06-03 Young couple San Francisco (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-05-26 to 2017-05-27 Excellent 10
2017-06-02 Mature couple Altoona (en) Very nice hotel. Everything was fine. None
stayed from 2017-05-25 to 2017-05-26 Excellent 8.5
2017-05-28 Family with older children Quorn (en) Highly recommended....loved my suite. Would stay again Wifi didn't work.
stayed from 2017-05-25 to 2017-05-26 Excellent 9.5
2017-05-28 Mature couple Amsterdam (en) Great shuttle
stayed from 2017-05-21 to 2017-05-22 Discreet 5.8
2017-05-24 Young couple Malden (en) The rooms are very clean, comfortable, and new. The bathtub was great and the bed very comfortable. The quality and comfort of the rooms is certainly the highlight of the stay, and ultimately the exceptional quality would be enough for me to stay again; though there is much room for improvement in other areas. Reception, both on check-in and checkout, seemed quite cold it made us feel fairly unwelcome as if the hotel is annoyed for us to be staying there. This gave a very negative first impressions that impacted our perception of the entire stay; though the gentleman Sunday evening who checked us in also seemed highly overworked handling the needs of an entire hotel and the phone seemingly alone, so I am inclined to cut him some slack. Breakfast was mediocre and at the price-point of the hotel really should be included.
stayed from 2017-05-20 to 2017-05-21 Excellent 9.5
2017-05-23 Mature couple Komoka (en) Very, very good hotel, superb service, excellent staff, quality food. Easily able to accommodate my wife's celiac food requirements. Honestly can't think of anything other than recommending access to a 'business' computer and printer for guests wanting to print boarding passes for flights. Even with the computer in the bar not working, staff able to print from pdfs of boarding passes sent to the info@... email address.
stayed from 2017-05-19 to 2017-05-20 Excellent 10
2017-05-22 Single traveller ARLINGTON (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-05-19 to 2017-05-20 Excellent 8.3
2017-05-22 With friends fuchyu (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-05-18 to 2017-05-19 Good 7.3
2017-05-21 Single traveller Haifa (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-05-06 to 2017-05-07 Excellent 8.9
2017-05-09 Single traveller Toronto (en) A great alternative to a too early start from Venice!
stayed from 2017-05-05 to 2017-05-06 Excellent 9
2017-05-08 Single traveller Tigard (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-05-03 to 2017-05-04 Excellent 10
2017-05-06 With friends Kent (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-04-24 to 2017-04-25 Excellent 8.3
2017-05-03 Mature couple Ottawa (en) Every thing was very good except comment below. Since we had to take the shuttle at 4:30 am I was told by email that the breakfast would be opened a little earlier for us. Once we arrived we were told that the breakfast only starts at 4:30. We showed the email I had and the reception said that they would open a little earlier. The following morning the breakfast room was not open earlier and we were told we could only have café and orange juice
stayed from 2017-04-30 to 2017-05-01 Excellent 9.7
2017-05-03 With friends Washington (en) The shuttle was delayed and it was not clear where exactly to meet in the airport. Better signage would help. The staff was very helpful in setting up a computer for printing of boarding passes but the process for him was ridiculously slow.
stayed from 2017-04-28 to 2017-04-29 Excellent 9.8
2017-05-01 Single traveller Grand Cayman (en) Lovely experience and helpful staff.
stayed from 2017-04-26 to 2017-04-27 Excellent 9.8
2017-04-29 Mature couple SAN LUIS OBISPO (en) Excellent responsive staff, delicious food, sparklingly modern decor and convenient location five minutes from Marco Polo Airport make the Parkhotel Annia Hotel the best choice for travelers needing to catch an early flight.
stayed from 2017-04-19 to 2017-04-20 Excellent 8.3
2017-04-22 Single traveller Newdigate (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-04-12 to 2017-04-13 Excellent 9.6
2017-04-18 Family with older children Wake Forest (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-04-04 to 2017-04-05 Excellent 8.3
2017-04-07 Single traveller Portland (en) the woman who was at the desk the morning of april 5th was helpful and lovely! the food was absolutely horrible.
stayed from 2017-03-11 to 2017-03-13 Excellent 9.7
2017-03-19 Single traveller Alajuela (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-03-14 to 2017-03-15 Excellent 10
2017-03-18 Single traveller Park City (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-02-27 to 2017-02-28 Excellent 10
2017-03-09 Mature couple Brampton (en) Great place to stay, I definitely will stay here on my next trip to Venice....Would recommend Park Hotel Annia Venice Airport to everyone. Thank you again, Susan
stayed from 2017-03-04 to 2017-03-05 Good 7.2
2017-03-07 Single traveller 9008 (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-02-22 to 2017-02-23 Excellent 10
2017-03-01 Single traveller Sun City (en) Thank you so much....though my stay was for one evening...the accomadations were perfect as well as the shuttle service!
stayed from 2017-02-17 to 2017-02-18 Excellent 10
2017-02-21 Mature couple Sunnyvale (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-02-02 to 2017-02-03 Excellent 9.8
2017-02-07 Single traveller Odense SOE (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2017-01-22 to 2017-01-23 Excellent 8.4
2017-01-25 Mature couple Galena (en) exceptional services and quality - especially for an airport hotel Restaurant was closed for dinner - but transportation to an alternative was provided. The only real negative comment I have is the additional tourist tax charged on our departure. I understand there is a tourist tax and I don't mind paying it. But when I pay my bill the night before (on a charge card) for an early flight, I don't expect to have to pay the additional tax in the morning I leave. Why don't you just include it on the bill when I pay it the first time? It leaves an unfortunate bad taste in my mouth after a positive experience.
stayed from 2017-01-20 to 2017-01-21 Excellent 9.1
2017-01-23 Single traveller Garden Grove (en) The hotel is close to the airport, very convenient and the staff is very helpful and pleasant. I stayed at the hotel last year and appreciated being able to have breakfast so early due to my early morning flight. However, this year when I came down (at 5:00 a.m.) there were no juice glasses, there were no more oranges in the orange juice machine, and all the tables had been used and were not clean. Perhaps the breakfast room needs more attention.
stayed from 2017-01-13 to 2017-01-14 Excellent 8
2017-01-18 Family with young children London (en) Loved this hotel and found it quite charming. I thought the mattresses on the bed were a bit thin and could have been a bit more comfortable.
stayed from 2017-01-12 to 2017-01-13 Excellent 9
2017-01-17 Mature couple Withington (en) Good hotel, good service, good food
stayed from 2016-12-29 to 2016-12-30 Excellent 10
2017-01-01 Mature couple Portland, (en) We have stayed at the Annia Park several times when catching a flight out of Venice Marco Polo. It is super-close to the airport, with a free shuttle that takes about 2 minutes. The room is quiet and comfortable. The staff is always so helpful. This time they helped us to figure a way into Venice to meet some friends. They also allowed a late-checkout when our flight was delayed. And they are always very kind. Grazie.
stayed from 2016-12-15 to 2016-12-16 Excellent 10
2016-12-18 Mature couple Baderna (en) Exceptionally pleasant staff who looked after our every need.
stayed from 2016-12-01 to 2016-12-02 Excellent 8.3
2016-12-04 Single traveller Chengalpattu (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-11-28 to 2016-11-29 Excellent 9.5
2016-12-01 Single traveller Albuquerque (en) Staff were very helpful. Room was very nice. Airport shuttle in morning went very well. Will recommend to my friends. Will stay here again if we need an airport hotel. Nothing negative. Only positive.
stayed from 2016-11-21 to 2016-11-22 Excellent 8.7
2016-11-24 Single traveller Marsure (en) Paolo was great at reception!!
stayed from 2016-11-15 to 2016-11-16 Good 7.8
2016-11-21 Single traveller Bergen (en) Friendly staff, superb location and good food. None really, although one of the good things about staying at the Annia is that normally I have a ground floow room and working space. This time I had a first floor smaller room with locked windows. For a clausprophobic that is not good. Next time I'll remember to ask for ground floor.
stayed from 2016-11-17 to 2016-11-18 Excellent 10
2016-11-20 Young couple London (en) Beautiful clean hotel with amazingly helpful staff! Great location for an early flight!
stayed from 2016-11-16 to 2016-11-18 Excellent 8.2
2016-11-20 Single traveller Kungalv (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-11-07 to 2016-11-08 Good 7.9
2016-11-18 Single traveller Chicago (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-11-11 to 2016-11-13 Excellent 8.3
2016-11-18 With friends Tokyo (en) The hotel was near the airport, the room was spacious and clean, and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. We were told they could charge my credit card (used for the reservation) for the room because they had it in file. I checked out before my friend, however, and it was a surprise when she found she had to pay for the room because they needed the physical card. I wish they had explained that to us or offered the option of paying up front.
stayed from 2016-11-06 to 2016-11-07 Excellent 8.8
2016-11-10 With friends Grafton (en) Optimal location to airport. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. Stored our suitcases due to early arrival and found that they had delivered them in our room when we returned that evening. Convenient shuttle to the airport. Sadly only stayed one night. Loft bed mattress was uncomfortable.
stayed from 2016-11-04 to 2016-11-05 Excellent 9.1
2016-11-09 Mature couple Traverse City (en) The staff was very friendly and helpful during our brief interactions. The toilet did not flush well and the bathroom needed a curtain with better privacy.
stayed from 2016-11-05 to 2016-11-06 Excellent 9.9
2016-11-08 Mature couple Plymouth (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-11-02 to 2016-11-03 Excellent 10
2016-11-07 Mature couple Mount Vernon (en) Perfect location for the night before an early flight. Spacious, clean, attractive rooms. Very efficient staff.
stayed from 2016-11-03 to 2016-11-04 Excellent 10
2016-11-06 Mature couple Modesto (en) Lovely were great..dinner was us to the airport at 4:30am without a problem...thank you for a delightful night before leaving beautiful Italy!
stayed from 2016-10-29 to 2016-10-30 Excellent 8.2
2016-11-01 Single traveller Corralitos (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-29 to 2016-10-30 Excellent 10
2016-11-01 Mature couple Houston (en) Lovely hotel and though small, the amenities and quality were very pleasing. We weren't aware that there wasn't air conditioning in the room, so sleeping with the windows open was a must. The road noise was so loud! If we had known there wasn't a/c we would have asked for a room away from street noise. The hotel was full, you could it would have been nice if when checking in we were told about the no a/c and were asked about room location. As Americans we wouldn't be able to stay in your hotel during the summer.
stayed from 2016-10-22 to 2016-10-23 Excellent 9.5
2016-10-28 Single traveller Fort Thomas (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-24 to 2016-10-25 Good 6
2016-10-27 Single traveller San Antonio, TX (en) Nel WC c'era la pipì questo indica che il bagno non era stato pulito
stayed from 2016-10-23 to 2016-10-24 Excellent 10
2016-10-26 Mature couple laguna beach (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-21 to 2016-10-22 Excellent 9.5
2016-10-25 Mature couple Alexandria (en) Great location and price/quality. Staff was very professional; superb job! No negative comments.
stayed from 2016-10-21 to 2016-10-22 Excellent 10
2016-10-24 Single traveller Austin (en) Great place to stay if you need an airport hotel at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice. I recently stayed there for 2 nights and was very pleased. Hotel shuttle is very efficient.
stayed from 2016-10-15 to 2016-10-16 Excellent 9.2
2016-10-19 Single traveller Fanwood (en) I had a delicious meal at dinner, better than most of the meals I had in Venice, and breakfast was excellent too, best I had in Venice. Room was small but beautifully appoint and very clean. I tried to call the number for the hotel from the airport and it didn't include the country code so it didn't go through so I had to take a 15 € taxi. I thought there was a shuttle but receptionist said no.
stayed from 2016-10-07 to 2016-10-08 Excellent 9
2016-10-19 Family with young children San Ramon (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-12 to 2016-10-14 Excellent 9
2016-10-16 Single traveller Wichita Falls (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-10 to 2016-10-11 Excellent 10
2016-10-15 Mature couple Lake Worth (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-09 to 2016-10-10 Excellent 9.8
2016-10-12 Mature couple Durango (en) Location to airport was perfect. We had an early flight out and did not want to deal with lengthy transportation. Room was clean and comfortable. We were there on a Sunday night and the restaurant was closed so we did not eat there. We were disappointed about that.
stayed from 2016-10-08 to 2016-10-09 Excellent 9.6
2016-10-11 Single traveller Kiev (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-08 to 2016-10-09 Excellent 8.9
2016-10-11 Single traveller Hamilton (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-06 to 2016-10-07 Excellent 9.7
2016-10-09 Family with older children Ottawa (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-10-05 to 2016-10-06 Excellent 10
2016-10-08 Mature couple Pully (en) Very nice hotel... ...but it's a shame the air outside smells from the cement works or whatever it is just to the north
stayed from 2016-10-03 to 2016-10-05 Excellent 9.6
2016-10-07 Mature couple Portland (en) a delightful hotel! The ambiance....the location.....the staff......the restaurant...will write a very positive TripAdvisor review....certainly doesn't feel like an airport hotel! our only problem was wifi reception......neither of us could connect to the internet......on the shuttle the next morning another guest who has stayed there several times says it is intermittent.....that issue needs to be addressed
stayed from 2016-10-01 to 2016-10-02 Excellent 10
2016-10-04 Mature couple New Hope (en) An architecturally lovely hotel--evoking the Italian countryside--in a perfect location near the airport. Thank you for the helpfulness of the staff, the shuttle service, the excellent varied breakfast items, the delicious dinner.
stayed from 2016-09-29 to 2016-09-30 Excellent 9.3
2016-10-02 Mature couple overland park (en) good place wanted to have dinner, but restaurant was full
stayed from 2016-09-26 to 2016-09-27 Discreet 5.6
2016-09-29 Young couple Point Cook (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-22 to 2016-09-23 Excellent 9.3
2016-09-25 Single traveller Minsk (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-17 to 2016-09-18 Excellent 10
2016-09-23 Mature couple BURLINGTON (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-17 to 2016-09-18 Excellent 10
2016-09-23 Mature couple Seattle (en) Outstanding breakfast buffet.
stayed from 2016-09-19 to 2016-09-20 Good 6.6
2016-09-22 Single traveller bangor (en) Good location, easy to get to but expensive taxi fare at 20 euros. However free shuttle bus back to airport was good Personally, I found the room too warm and the air con was set at 24 deg celcius . I reduced the temperature but it took a long time to cool down. Room I was given was ad odd shape and very narrow with the result the bed was very short in length, certainly seemed to be less than 6 ft .
stayed from 2016-09-18 to 2016-09-19 Excellent 9.6
2016-09-21 Young couple Bognor Regis (en) The reception staff were brilliant, as were the drivers who took us to and from the airport. The shuttle bus service was excellent and made everything so much easier. Thank you for looking after us so well! We definitely made the right choice staying at Annia Park Hotel.
stayed from 2016-09-17 to 2016-09-18 Excellent 10
2016-09-20 Mature couple Houma (en) Would definitely stay here again. Loved the hotel and the ease of getting to the airport with their shuttle service.
stayed from 2016-09-16 to 2016-09-17 Excellent 9.4
2016-09-19 Mature couple Evergreen (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-15 to 2016-09-16 Excellent 8.9
2016-09-18 Single traveller Manchester (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-13 to 2016-09-14 Excellent 9.6
2016-09-16 Mature couple Conway (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-08 to 2016-09-09 Excellent 8.8
2016-09-15 Mature couple Bassingbourn (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-02 to 2016-09-04 Good 7.4
2016-09-13 Family with older children Vala do Carregado (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-01 to 2016-09-02 Excellent 9.3
2016-09-13 Mature couple Southend on Sea (en) An enjoyable stay.
stayed from 2016-09-10 to 2016-09-11 Excellent 10
2016-09-13 Single traveller adelaide (en) What a nurturing place to come. .. i was crazy getting visa arranged for vietnam and the computer was switched on for me at 430am.... a good sleep and computer use first thing in the morning and a quick drop in to the airport. ... well I have to complement your staff. The 3 people I met removed many stresses 5 out of 5
stayed from 2016-09-03 to 2016-09-04 Excellent 10
2016-09-08 Single traveller philadelphia (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-09-05 to 2016-09-06 Excellent 8.3
2016-09-08 Mature couple Dinton Aylesbury (en) Very efficient location
stayed from 2016-08-26 to 2016-08-27 Excellent 8.8
2016-09-05 Mature couple Canidelo - Vila Nova de Gaia (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-08-31 to 2016-09-01 Excellent 8.4
2016-09-05 Single traveller Moscow (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-08-04 to 2016-08-05 Excellent 10
2016-08-30 Single traveller Port Charlotte (en) We had a few glasses of wine on our patio after arriving and we were treated to a nice plate of appetizers. It was a very nice and hospitable way to start our travels home the next day. The dinner at the hotel was superb as was the service. Breakfast was plentiful as well. We were very disappointed where the driver picked us up at the airport when arriving by private water taxi. The directions were very confusing from the front desk. We should have been told to walk down the path by the construction to meet our driver. We had two disabled people with us and it was difficult for them to walk. The worst part was when we were dropped off at the airport the net day. We had a long with with luggage to get into the terminal. When we got to the terminal we could see taxis and other cars dropping off passengers. That option would have made things a lot easier for the disabled.
stayed from 2016-08-22 to 2016-08-23 Excellent 9.8
2016-08-25 Single traveller bandon (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-08-22 to 2016-08-23 Excellent 10
2016-08-25 With friends Morganfield (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-08-15 to 2016-08-16 Excellent 9.1
2016-08-24 Family with young children Orlando (en) Great dinner at restaurant. Breakfast was very good also.
stayed from 2016-08-19 to 2016-08-21 Excellent 8.5
2016-08-23 Mature couple Kiev (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-08-10 to 2016-08-11 Excellent 9.4
2016-08-13 Mature couple Greenville (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-07-27 to 2016-07-28 Good 7.8
2016-08-01 Single traveller Southborough (en) Excellent location and good shuttle service. Bus stop for bus to Venice is also close by. For an executive room, the room size is quite small. Also, the website says that breakfast would be served from 4:30 pm, but the breakfast room was totally closed at that time.
stayed from 2016-07-28 to 2016-07-29 Excellent 9.1
2016-07-31 Mature couple Elverum (en) Super nice receptionist on the day of arrival! Efficiant and good shuttle service. A little to much room perfume, don't know why.
stayed from 2016-07-26 to 2016-07-27 Excellent 8.1
2016-07-29 Young couple Solna (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-07-25 to 2016-07-26 Good 7.2
2016-07-28 Mature couple Trumansburg (en) Really close to the airport. We were able to print our boarding passes. Had a restaurant. Not friendly staff. Nothing to do while waiting for our flight. The doors didn't close well. You could hear every time someone left their room. It was really hard to sleep.
stayed from 2016-07-14 to 2016-07-15 Good 7.2
2016-07-25 Family with older children GUENROUET (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-07-09 to 2016-07-10 Excellent 9.4
2016-07-21 Single traveller Greenwich (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-07-16 to 2016-07-17 Excellent 8.5
2016-07-19 Mature couple sausalito (en) Transfers are great Location is very convenient
stayed from 2016-07-15 to 2016-07-16 Good 6.2
2016-07-18 Family with older children Bolton (en) Rooms are comfortable and clean. Good hotel but in need for service improvement. Receptionist advised us wrongly to get a bus from the airport station to venice rather than from a nearby bus station. This has cost us more than £30 extra payment for tickets. Breakfast service and quality was not up the standard of 4* hotel. Staff need to be friendlier.
stayed from 2016-07-15 to 2016-07-16 Excellent 8.9
2016-07-18 Family with older children St John's (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-07-04 to 2016-07-05 Excellent 10
2016-07-08 With friends Birmingham (en) Very clean, well equipped comfortable rooms in a modern building, 2 mins by car or 10 mins on foot from airport. Breakfast extensive and delicious! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this hotel and I would certainly stay here again.
stayed from 2016-07-05 to 2016-07-06 Excellent 10
2016-07-08 Family with young children Fayetteville (en) Staff got our room ready early so we could get our children rested. Service was above and beyond expectations. THank you.
stayed from 2016-07-02 to 2016-07-03 Excellent 8.6
2016-07-05 Mature couple New York (en) The size of the room was strange. Very narrow. We wonder why this shape was chosen. It makes one feel very crowded in.
stayed from 2016-06-11 to 2016-06-12 Excellent 8.4
2016-06-30 Young couple Hamilton (en) Close to airport, room was well appointed and clean and grounds of the hotel were pleasant - perfect for a short stay. Navigating our way on foot from the airport late at night was interesting - we could see the Hotel, but found ourselves on the wrong side of the motorway. A few more directions on how to exit the airport and find the hotel on foot would have been helpful - it really isn't far and it didn't seem worth calling for the shuttle.
stayed from 2016-06-26 to 2016-06-27 Excellent 9.1
2016-06-29 Family with older children Key West (en) The arrangement with the restaurant for dinner and transportation provided was very helpful.
stayed from 2016-06-05 to 2016-06-06 Excellent 10
2016-06-27 Mature couple Brisbane (en) Beautiful hotel, great staff, very enjoyable stay.
stayed from 2016-06-22 to 2016-06-23 Excellent 8.3
2016-06-26 Mature couple Stanmore (en) Pleasant staff and helpful. Good location pleasant surrounding Problem with internet also forgot to tell reception that bathroom light was not working (room 104)
stayed from 2016-05-01 to 2016-05-03 Excellent 10
2016-06-08 Mature couple Milwaukee (en) Wonderful service from everyone ... airport shuttle, front desk, housekeeping staff, restaurant, etc. Amazing Spaghetti Carbonara in restaurant! So convenient to airport after a long flight! :-) I thought I had booked a room that was all on one floor, not a "two-story" room with a circular staircase. But it was fine; we just didn't go upstairs. :-)
stayed from 2016-06-03 to 2016-06-04 Excellent 10
2016-06-06 Single traveller Bellefonte (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-05-30 to 2016-05-31 Excellent 10
2016-06-02 Mature couple Ooltewah (en) Great experience and location. Beautiful hotel and stunning room and bath.
stayed from 2016-05-22 to 2016-05-23 Excellent 8.7
2016-05-25 Single traveller hollywood (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-05-19 to 2016-05-20 Excellent 10
2016-05-22 Mature couple San Leandro (en) Wonderful new hotel with extremely convenient location and very friendly staff. 5 stars!
stayed from 2016-05-14 to 2016-05-15 Excellent 10
2016-05-18 Single traveller Houston (en) Great place. Highly recommended
stayed from 2016-04-28 to 2016-04-30 Excellent 10
2016-05-17 Single traveller Milton (en) We have already suggested this hotel to friends and family. Let guest know they must purchase the bus tickets at the store across the street from the bus stop.
stayed from 2016-05-14 to 2016-05-15 Excellent 9.8
2016-05-17 Single traveller Miami (en) Elena was wonderful! Dinner was a wonderful treat too. I would highly recommend your location. It was one of two of the best experiences I had in Italy. Thank you! None
stayed from 2016-05-13 to 2016-05-14 Excellent 9
2016-05-16 Single traveller Gladstone (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-05-10 to 2016-05-13 Excellent 9.7
2016-05-15 Single traveller Mississauag (en) Overall, a wonderful experience. Unfortunately there were some wifi issues which caused some concern
stayed from 2016-05-10 to 2016-05-11 Excellent 10
2016-05-13 With friends Ladera Ranch (en) Very nice, clean, efficient hotel. I REALLY appreciated having a light breakfast at 4:30 before our 5:00 shuttle, very nice!
stayed from 2016-04-27 to 2016-04-28 Excellent 10
2016-05-09 Family with young children gilbert (en) awesome a must stay for family visit to Venice, this is the best way to see the city, get a buss pass and stay at Annia.....
stayed from 2016-05-01 to 2016-05-02 Excellent 9.4
2016-05-04 Mature couple Bradford on Avon (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-04-29 to 2016-04-30 Excellent 8.8
2016-05-02 Mature couple Ljubljana (en) The location of the hotel is superb, so near to the airport, with very reliable people carrier to and from the airport or other nearby location. The aircraft noise is usually low (depends on the wind). The staff are all hard working and really try to make sure that everything goes OK. The car park is well lit and under surveillance so I think that people's cars are safe there. None.
stayed from 2016-04-27 to 2016-04-28 Excellent 9.6
2016-04-30 Mature couple Phoenix (en) Hotel staff was very helpful and polite. Rooms were new (probably less than a year old) & very clean. The location is right next to the airport (less than 2 minute drive). The restaurant dinner was very good with very courteous waitress. Breakfast was standard selection, and also good. A local town and interstate are also very close to the hotel.
stayed from 2016-04-18 to 2016-04-19 Excellent 8.1
2016-04-21 Single traveller Pori (en) the room was way too hot and there was no air-conditioning available, quite uncomfortable
stayed from 2016-04-02 to 2016-04-03 Excellent 9.9
2016-04-20 Mature couple Corona (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-04-16 to 2016-04-17 Excellent 10
2016-04-19 Mature couple Montrose (en) great location there is a weird scent (perhaps a very strong cleaning solution?) in the hallways and room.
stayed from 2016-04-05 to 2016-04-06 Excellent 9.4
2016-04-14 Mature couple south kirkby (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-04-11 to 2016-04-12 Excellent 9.9
2016-04-14 Single traveller MIAMI (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-04-06 to 2016-04-07 Excellent 10
2016-04-10 Mature couple PHOENIX, (en) Great location. We were able to check in, then actually walk over to the airport to check our flight. The shuttle in the AM was on time and professional. Our best memory was that glass of wine that we ordered around 5 PM. It was so good that we simply went back and took the whole bottle. The appetizers that came with the wine did us just fine for dinner, so we never did go to the restaurant. A great ending to a wonderful Italy trip. We also thought that that little robot grass clipper was cool! None.
stayed from 2016-04-06 to 2016-04-07 Excellent 9.9
2016-04-09 Family with older children Minnetonka (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-04-01 to 2016-04-02 Excellent 9.1
2016-04-04 Single traveller BORAS (en) Overall a very positive impression about the hotel and location, friendly and helpful staff, would be an option also for future, didnt do breakfast as i left very early 5 o'clock The room temparature couldnt go down was always between 22,5 - 23 , Airport transfer not arriving at the terminal , only in the parking area
stayed from 2016-03-29 to 2016-03-30 Excellent 10
2016-04-01 Single traveller hampshire (en) The Annie park hotel was the nicest , cleanest and most friendly hotel I have stayed in for ages , I couldn't fault it in any way , the staff were lovely and friendly and so helpful and the room was beautiful and I wish I had stayed there a few nights instead one just the one night as it had every thing in that room you could ever want and more .. Thank you so much for such a lovely stay at your hotel :) None ..
stayed from 2016-03-18 to 2016-03-19 Excellent 9.5
2016-03-21 Mature couple Shawnee (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-03-10 to 2016-03-11 Excellent 9.9
2016-03-14 Single traveller Atlanta (en) Staff was helpful and friendly; helped me when I had a problem accessing wifi. Main negative was the lack of sidewalk for part of the walk to the bus stop. The walk did not feel safe given the level of traffic.
stayed from 2016-03-07 to 2016-03-08 Excellent 10
2016-03-10 Single traveller Chapel Hill (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-02-28 to 2016-02-29 Excellent 10
2016-03-03 Single traveller London (en) The best hotel near to Venice Airport. Very good breakfast. I will stay here again.
stayed from 2016-02-20 to 2016-02-21 Excellent 9.9
2016-02-23 Single traveller Lunenburg (en) Excellent and charming small hotel. Handsome garden; good spaces to sit, outdoors and indoors. Courteous and personable staff. Good shuttle to airport, friendly driver. I liked the architecture.
stayed from 2016-02-16 to 2016-02-17 Excellent 8.5
2016-02-20 Single traveller Newark (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-02-15 to 2016-02-16 Excellent 9.3
2016-02-18 Single traveller Vicenza (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-02-03 to 2016-02-04 Excellent 8.8
2016-02-08 With friends Djursholm (en) Very nice and welcoming atmosphere, tidy and well managed rooms, good service at the reception and with the airport shuttle and taxi arrangements for Venice. Also, very nice dinner in the restaurant and good attitude towards guests with allergies. Highly recommended! The beds were not too comfortable and the temperature in the room difficult to regulate - it was either too cold on the lower floor and too hot on the upper. The quality of the breakfast did not quite match that of the dinner.
stayed from 2016-01-30 to 2016-01-31 Excellent 10
2016-02-02 Mature couple Portland (en) The shower - you cannot turn it on without being drenched with cold water
stayed from 2016-01-23 to 2016-01-24 Excellent 10
2016-01-27 Family with young children Elwood (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-01-15 to 2016-01-16 Excellent 8.8
2016-01-18 Single traveller Garden Grove (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2016-01-09 to 2016-01-10 Excellent 9.5
2016-01-12 Single traveller ALTADENA (en) Very good value for the money. Very clean. Comfortable bed. Internet connection kept dropping me. I was told the next morning that I might need a new user name and password EVERY time I shut my computer down. This is totally unacceptable. Circular indented wall sockets did not work for my square plug adapters. Couldn't plug anything in. Did not inquire about this at the front desk since I was too tired and only stayed one night.
stayed from 2015-12-26 to 2015-12-27 Good 7.3
2016-01-04 Family with older children Henfield (en) great location and good family room. No option for evening meal
stayed from 2015-12-09 to 2015-12-10 Excellent 8.9
2015-12-12 Single traveller Portland (en) I love getting the rides to the airport and the water taxi. Very helpful!
stayed from 2015-11-30 to 2015-12-01 Excellent 10
2015-12-04 With friends San Bruno (en) Price was great, access to the airport was the best I could find and the whole facility was exceptional. My family members shared two rooms and we were all equally impressed. My nephew will be returning in about three weeks for another nights stay prior to his flight. We've recommended it to another family that frequently flies out of Marco Polo and they've made a reservation to stay the night before their flight. Good job!!
stayed from 2015-11-28 to 2015-11-29 Excellent 9.8
2015-12-01 Family with young children Venice (en) The room was very comfortable and set up perfectly for a family. They took us to the port so we could go into Venice and picked us back up. It was a great place to stay.
stayed from 2015-11-21 to 2015-11-22 Excellent 10
2015-11-24 Mature couple Calgary (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-11-17 to 2015-11-18 Excellent 9.9
2015-11-20 Mature couple Timisoara (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-11-01 to 2015-11-03 Excellent 9.6
2015-11-05 Family with young children Fletcher (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-10-16 to 2015-10-17 Excellent 9.8
2015-11-01 Mature couple Plainview (en) very nice hotel
stayed from 2015-10-27 to 2015-10-28 Excellent 10
2015-10-31 With friends San Clemente (en) I found this hotel while was planning for my trip with my sister. We needed a place close to the airport for our departure the following day. While we were in Italy, we stayed in some very upscale (5 star) places. Where as, this was not set in a beautiful setting as some of our other hotels, we found it well appointed to accommodate a traveler. Had nice attention to a travelers comfort and the staff was most helpful.. Our dinner was one of the better meals we had (we had the steak) and breakfast was good. We especially liked the fresh squeesed orange juice and the machine that made it was something we had not ever seen. It was a perfect place to end out wonderful time spent in northern and Tuscany, Italy!
stayed from 2015-10-26 to 2015-10-27 Excellent 9
2015-10-29 Mature couple Stillwater (en) Very nice.
stayed from 2015-10-12 to 2015-10-13 Excellent 10
2015-10-28 Mature couple Santa Barbara (en) Very nice room. very comfortable bed. sadly I missed a step and fell down a half flight of stairs. MY FAULT not the hotels.
stayed from 2015-10-12 to 2015-10-13 Good 6.1
2015-10-26 Single traveller New York (en) had to change rooms.
stayed from 2015-10-22 to 2015-10-23 Excellent 9.5
2015-10-25 Single traveller Malvern (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-10-20 to 2015-10-21 Excellent 10
2015-10-23 Mature couple Tomball (en) We decided to stay at Annia Park Hotel our last night in Italy since we had an early flight out. The hotel's proximity to the airport was a big plus. We arrived early but this was not a problem - we were made to feel very welcome. We were amazed and how quiet and peaceful the grounds were. It was a perfect place to relax. We chose to have dinner at the hotel restaurant and we were not disappointed. The food was excellent and the service superb! We would recommend the hotel to anyone. None
stayed from 2015-10-13 to 2015-10-14 Excellent 9.1
2015-10-23 Single traveller BASEL (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-10-18 to 2015-10-19 Excellent 10
2015-10-21 Mature couple Enid (en) This hotel is 5 minutes away from the airport. Their shuttle was very convenient and efficient. The hotel employees were very friendly and appreciated us staying with them. You will not go wrong staying there.
stayed from 2015-10-17 to 2015-10-18 Excellent 9.9
2015-10-20 Mature couple Edmonds (en) great hotel. we left too early for breakfast, so no comment on that, although I expect it is quite nice.
stayed from 2015-10-10 to 2015-10-11 Excellent 10
2015-10-18 Mature couple Torrance (en) We were totally pleased with your hotel. Sabrina was wonderful and found my waist purse which contained my passport, money, and credit card. I would be in a lot of trouble if she had not found it, thank you. She was also very friendly and pleasant. The food at dinner and breakfast was excellent, we enjoyed it more than the food on our cruise ship. The room s as pictured on your website. We will recommend your hotel to others. Wish there were more to see and do within walking distance of your hotel.
stayed from 2015-10-13 to 2015-10-14 Good 7.8
2015-10-16 Mature couple Big Rapids (en) Great location clean Thought I had to take my wife to the hospital at 3 AM. Young man on the night shift was awesome.Very helpful. When we checked in at 3 pm after a long train and cab ride we were told no food only snacks were available. No restaurants were open around the hotel for food. Snacks were our only alternative Went to Courtyrad down the road. they had food Most likely will use them next time
stayed from 2015-10-11 to 2015-10-12 Excellent 8.1
2015-10-14 Mature couple Lakewood Ranch (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-10-05 to 2015-10-06 Excellent 10
2015-10-09 Mature couple Sorrento (en) Easy to find after arriving at airport. Clean. Well-designed for people with baggage - ie automatic doors and lights. Great internet. Reliable shuttle.
stayed from 2015-10-05 to 2015-10-06 Excellent 8
2015-10-08 Mature couple Calgary (en) Front desk helped when power in room went out repeatedly due to malfunctioning card. Small bathroom. Heating thermostat not functioning in Room 55.
stayed from 2015-10-04 to 2015-10-05 Good 6.4
2015-10-07 Mature couple Sonoma (en) We waited over 1/2 hour to be picked up from the airport. The staff, in particular the reception person was very helpful but overwhelmed. The driver did his job and that was it. Morning person did everything and was too busy. The hotel was understaffed and had no restaurant open on Sunday
stayed from 2015-09-24 to 2015-09-25 Excellent 8.8
2015-10-05 Single traveller Lignano Sabbiadoro (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-06-02 to 2015-06-03 Excellent 9
2015-06-05 Mature couple Brussels (en) Pleased by our stay in a nice surrounding. Property well kept with flowers. Close to the airport. Room cleans and well equiped. Large choice for breakfasr with products of quality. Nothing to say. Continue like that.
stayed from 2015-05-30 to 2015-05-31 Excellent 9.8
2015-06-04 Young couple Royal Oak (en) The user have left no reviews.
Manuel Jose
stayed from 2015-05-31 to 2015-06-01 Excellent 10
2015-06-04 With friends Rockville (en) Everything we experienced at Annia Park was wonderful. From the moment we were picked up by the airport shuttle to checking out. The staff were very helpful from the time I was booking the room a few months ago. The room was excellent. The meals we had - dinner and breakfast - were really delicious. It was a perfect way to end the 11 day Venice and Adriatic cruise. My husband and our friends traveling with us wished we could have stayed here a few more nights. This will be our permanent Venice airport hotel from now on.
Andy S
stayed from 2015-04-24 to 2015-04-25 Excellent 10
2015-05-15 Mature couple Torrance (en) Your staff, Andrea, was very helpful and patient in assisting me with questions and internet problems. I should surely come back and stay in your hotel if I had a chance of visiting Venice again. Can you tell me how to go to San Marco square by public transport and how long it will take from your hotel?
stayed from 2015-04-25 to 2015-04-27 Excellent 8.9
2015-04-29 Single traveller ljubljana (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-04-16 to 2015-04-17 Excellent 10
2015-04-19 Mature couple Cape Town (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2015-03-12 to 2015-03-13 Excellent 9.6
2015-03-15 Mature couple Sharon (en) Very nice hotel. Excellent staff. We'll stay again next time we come to Venice.
stayed from 2015-01-09 to 2015-01-10 Excellent 10
2015-01-13 Single traveller Bergen (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2014-12-25 to 2014-12-26 Excellent 9.8
2015-01-06 With friends São Paulo (en) Really welcoming and helpful staff, great coffee, close to the airport... everything really amazing. I will certainly come back once in Venice.
stayed from 2014-12-31 to 2015-01-01 Excellent 9.9
2015-01-03 Family with older children Frisco (en) Staff was extremely friendly and the shuttle service proved to be tremendous. The rooms were awesome and spacious and the fire in the lounge was kept warm. None.
stayed from 2014-12-16 to 2014-12-17 Excellent 10
2014-12-22 Family with young children Thassos (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2014-11-09 to 2014-11-10 Excellent 10
2014-11-12 Young couple Cypress (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2014-10-23 to 2014-10-24 Excellent 9.5
2014-10-30 Family with young children Alcester (en) All very good thanks.
stayed from 2014-10-14 to 2014-10-15 Excellent 9.6
2014-10-27 Mature couple Wirral (en) Very well appointed hotel with welcoming, professional staff. 2 minutes from Venice Marco Polo Airport with complimentary shuttle. Highly recommended.
stayed from 2014-10-13 to 2014-10-14 Excellent 8.5
2014-10-21 Mature couple Middletown (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2014-10-14 to 2014-10-15 Excellent 8.8
2014-10-17 Single traveller independence (en) Great way to end our travels in Italy. Staff was wonderful, hotel was excellent from location to comfort. None.
stayed from 2014-09-27 to 2014-09-29 Excellent 9.1
2014-10-04 Mature couple Dartmouth (en) We very much enjoy your hotel, have have been a guess three times and will return again.
stayed from 2014-09-30 to 2014-10-01 Excellent 9.3
2014-10-03 Mature couple Olympia (en) Our room was immaculate, and comfortable. The staff was very helpful. Although the dining room was not open the evening we were there, the option of being driven elsewhere was a plus. We actually just had a snack prepared at the hotel that was very tasty, and served out needs.
stayed from 2014-09-05 to 2014-09-06 Excellent 9
2014-09-17 Single traveller Sao Paulo (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2014-09-13 to 2014-09-14 Excellent 9.6
2014-09-16 With friends Nellysford (en) Very convenient location to the airport and the shuttle was very prompt. I would stay here again if flying out of Venice. This hotel is close enough to the airport to walk (without luggage), but the way is treacherous. It would be great if, when the road construction is complete, there is a clear pathway.
stayed from 2014-08-29 to 2014-08-30 Excellent 10
2014-09-02 Single traveller West Chester (en) When I saw how close the hotel was to the road and the airport, I expected it to be noisy; it was not! I stayed here at the end of my trip to be close to the airport for departure the following day. I found sitting on the veranda by the garden to read relaxing and pleasant. All of the staff were pleasant and accommodating. The room was large and comfortable. Great experience.
stayed from 2014-08-16 to 2014-08-17 Excellent 9.8
2014-08-19 Family with young children Danville (en) The shuttle service was prompt and helpful.
stayed from 2014-08-10 to 2014-08-11 Excellent 10
2014-08-13 Single traveller victoria (en) Thanki you
stayed from 2014-08-07 to 2014-08-08 Excellent 9.7
2014-08-11 Mature couple Alpharetta (en) The gentleman who helped me with getting my bags to the room and also driving me to the airport was very helpul. The location to the airport was wonderful and the hotel was very comfortable and clean. I will definitely recommend this hotel to any friends traveling to the area.
john kristian
stayed from 2014-07-20 to 2014-07-21 Excellent 10
2014-08-04 Family with young children LILLESTROM (en) Perfect !
stayed from 2014-07-13 to 2014-07-14 Excellent 10
2014-07-21 Young couple Keighley (en) Fantastic grounds and service
stayed from 2014-07-17 to 2014-07-18 Excellent 10
2014-07-20 Family with older children Lakewood (en) My family appreciated the Annia Park's fair price, clean room and incredibly easy access to the airport. The lady who oversees the breakfast bar does a terrific job! Thanks to the Annia and its staff for making our last night in Italy so effortless.
stayed from 2014-05-30 to 2014-05-31 Excellent 9.7
2014-06-05 Mature couple Pawleys Island (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2014-05-31 to 2014-06-01 Excellent 9.4
2014-06-03 Mature couple Vancouver (en) We stayed on the night before an early flight our of the Venice Airport. The staff and hotel were excellent and took care of our every need before our journey home.
stayed from 2014-05-10 to 2014-05-11 Excellent 8.3
2014-05-14 With friends Hudsonville (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-11-04 to 2013-11-05 Excellent 8.7
2013-11-09 Family with young children Ljubljana (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-10-02 to 2013-10-04 Excellent 8.4
2013-11-06 Single traveller Wakerley (en) Room was great. Good layout and very clean. Comfortable. Restaurant was cosy and very friendly and efficient. Not hotel problem, but would be handy if better footpath and walking facility to the airport. Close enough for a short walk but with road and no path basically impossible to walk so dependency on the shuttle (which was very convenient regardless).
stayed from 2013-09-20 to 2013-09-21 Excellent 9.7
2013-10-17 Mature couple Brisbane (en) Wish we had more nights & would recommend you to our friends...thank you.
stayed from 2013-10-07 to 2013-10-08 Excellent 10
2013-10-12 Young couple San Francisco (en) a very nice hotel conveniently located close to the airport. Perfect for an easy transition into an early international flight out of Marco Polo
stayed from 2013-10-09 to 2013-10-10 Excellent 10
2013-10-12 Mature couple Anchorage (en) We were very pleased with everything. The shuttle service was efficient. they even transported us to the bus stop and answered questions re train station.
Julio Cesar
stayed from 2013-09-26 to 2013-09-27 Excellent 9.8
2013-10-01 With friends São Paulo (en) Localization is perfect. there were only two chairs in a room for three people.
stayed from 2013-09-13 to 2013-09-14 Excellent 10
2013-09-16 Young couple Burlington (en) My wife and I had a wonderful stay at Annia Park Hotel, your staff was friendly and incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!
stayed from 2013-09-13 to 2013-09-14 Excellent 9.1
2013-09-16 Mature couple Oakville (en) Great hotel to transport to the airport! Clean, friendly and very convenient! Auto lights should be adjusted so you are not waiting for the elevator in the dark!
stayed from 2013-08-19 to 2013-08-20 Excellent 8.4
2013-08-26 Mature couple Brugge (en) Room was ok ! Information on the website concerning the meeting point at the airport for the shuttle-service is not correct. So we had troubles to find the shuttle service as the meeting point was located at the departure hall and not - as mentioned on the website- at the arrival hall.
stayed from 2013-08-11 to 2013-08-12 Excellent 9.1
2013-08-14 Mature couple Montreal (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-08-07 to 2013-08-08 Excellent 10
2013-08-10 Mature couple Berea (en) This was a great hotel. They helped a helpless American find everything in Venice. A city that is not easy to get around in. I want to especially say thank you to the receptionist that help book our gondala ride. She went above the call of duty and remained calm with my simple questions. Room was great also. Breakfast was high quality. Nice way to end our time in Italy. Thank you very much.
stayed from 2013-07-21 to 2013-07-22 Excellent 10
2013-07-24 Mature couple Santa Fe (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-07-13 to 2013-07-14 Good 7.5
2013-07-16 Mature couple Vantaa (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-07-03 to 2013-07-04 Discreet 4.9
2013-07-06 Single traveller Bandung (en) Not so friendly reception staff.
stayed from 2013-06-22 to 2013-06-23 Excellent 8.6
2013-07-02 Mature couple Castle Hill (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-06-24 to 2013-06-25 Excellent 9.8
2013-06-27 With friends Palmer (en) The hotel was very clean and the staff very nice. The proximity to the airport was perfect! When I asked about the free shuttle to the airport, the staff said the airport opens at 5:00 a.m. Since I had a 6:20 a.m. international flight, I wanted to be there a couple of hours early. I took the shuttle to the airport, a few minutes before 5:00 and the aiport was FULL of people. I don't know what time it opened, but, clearly, it opened well before 5:00.
stayed from 2013-06-15 to 2013-06-16 Excellent 10
2013-06-26 Family with older children Scottsdale (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-06-22 to 2013-06-23 Excellent 8.6
2013-06-25 Family with young children Austin (en) Monika was fantastic!
stayed from 2013-06-11 to 2013-06-12 Excellent 10
2013-06-16 With friends Aachen (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-05-27 to 2013-05-28 Excellent 9.9
2013-06-13 Mature couple Lakeland (en) The staff bent over backwards for us. They were very accomodating and helpful. When we asked about accessability to a liquor store, they drove us to it for free!
stayed from 2013-06-02 to 2013-06-03 Excellent 9.7
2013-06-05 Single traveller Rochford (en) Very Helpfull and great service from the airport. Rooms excelently set up.
stayed from 2013-05-24 to 2013-05-25 Excellent 8.5
2013-05-27 Mature couple Muscat (en) Friendly - efficient - clean
stayed from 2013-05-15 to 2013-05-16 Excellent 9.4
2013-05-18 Family with young children Calgary (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-05-12 to 2013-05-13 Excellent 9.8
2013-05-15 Family with older children Price (en) Great location and great rooms. Very quite even though it's right next to the airport. Airport shuttle is very convenient. Great hotel to stay at the night before your flight out. Hotel makes it easy to get into Venice if you want to play tourist the day before the flight. When we missed our bus stop, the hotel staff even came and picked us up at Marco Polo. Would stay there again!
stayed from 2013-04-19 to 2013-04-21 Excellent 10
2013-05-07 Mature couple Halls Head (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-05-04 to 2013-05-05 Excellent 9.8
2013-05-07 Mature couple London (en) A wonderful experience for our last night in Italy! Quiet and comfortable and really interestingly designed room.
stayed from 2013-03-14 to 2013-03-16 Good 6.3
2013-03-18 Single traveller HEBDEN BRIDGE (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-03-13 to 2013-03-14 Excellent 10
2013-03-16 Mature couple Toronto (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2013-02-15 to 2013-02-16 Excellent 10
2013-02-18 Young couple Moscow (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-11-27 to 2012-11-28 Excellent 9
2012-11-30 Single traveller Brussels (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-10-07 to 2012-10-09 Good 7
2012-10-11 Mature couple encinitas (en) breakfast buffet had no hot food and was not refilled in the one hour we had breakfast. very poor.
stayed from 2012-09-20 to 2012-09-21 Excellent 9.7
2012-10-06 Mature couple Edmonton (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-09-22 to 2012-09-23 Excellent 9
2012-10-02 Mature couple St Peter (en) Reception staff very helpful and speak excellent English. Dining room waitress did not speak English so it was difficult for her to explain the menu choices.
stayed from 2012-09-24 to 2012-09-25 Excellent 9.3
2012-09-27 Mature couple Mills River (en) Nice service in restaurant and good shuttle service to and from airport.
stayed from 2012-09-22 to 2012-09-23 Excellent 9.7
2012-09-25 Mature couple Edmonds (en) Staff and waitpeople are cheerful and attentive. Rooms are comfortable and clean. Airport shuttle was overbooked and consequently we were rushed to check in for our flight.
stayed from 2012-09-21 to 2012-09-22 Excellent 9
2012-09-24 Mature couple Santa Cruz (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-09-15 to 2012-09-16 Excellent 10
2012-09-18 Young couple Santa Barbara (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-09-13 to 2012-09-14 Excellent 8
2012-09-17 Single traveller dunfermline (en) I cannot see the last question as there is a video menu covering it which I cannot move. I was very impressed with the hotel. It was not the typical basic airport hotel that I expected. I was very impressed with the standard of the room none
stayed from 2012-09-12 to 2012-09-13 Excellent 9.4
2012-09-15 Mature couple Vashon (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-06-21 to 2012-06-23 Excellent 10
2012-08-29 Family with older children Bergen (en) Everything was good with our visit. Great staff. We will recommend your hotel to others.
stayed from 2012-08-23 to 2012-08-24 Excellent 9
2012-08-26 Family with older children Seabrook (en) If you have an early flight out of Venice airport, do yourself a big favor and move to ParkHotel Annia for your last day in Venice. It is a great hotel that is accross the street from the airport, quite, clean and perfect for lowering the stress of catching the flight.
stayed from 2012-08-17 to 2012-08-18 Excellent 9.8
2012-08-20 Young couple Hamilton (en) Very convenient to be so close to the airport. Great service and very clean. We loved the charm of the hotel. Beautiful landscaping and loved the architecture of the hotel. Would highly recommend!
stayed from 2012-07-16 to 2012-07-17 Excellent 10
2012-07-20 Single traveller Moscow (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-07-04 to 2012-07-05 Excellent 8.6
2012-07-12 Family with young children Woodinville (en) The room was spacious and clean and the staff were really friendly and helpful. It was annoying to have to pay an extra 5EU to be picked up at the Alilaguna docks rather than the airport especially because when I called and asked how to get to the hotel I was not told about the extra charge. The docks are esentially on the way to the airport so the extra charge felt wrong.
stayed from 2012-06-12 to 2012-06-13 Excellent 9.1
2012-06-15 Single traveller Tring (en) The staff are very helpful and friendly. The breakfast selection was very good.
stayed from 2012-05-15 to 2012-05-16 Good 7.2
2012-05-18 Mature couple Walnut Creek (en) I dealt with three people - the lady who picked us up from the airport (and dropped us at the bus stop), the gentleman who returned us to the airport, and the main lobby receptionist. All had a good command of English, were very pleasant, and were very helpful. Top notch staff. We did not use the Bar or Laundry - you need a "not used" or "not applicable" rating in your Evaluation section above. I used "1" min instead... All we wanted was a convenient location for transport to/from the airport (which you are), a place to get a good night's sleep (you were NOT), and some breakfast (which was good). Euro 145 was too expensive for what we needed. It was our choice to pay the Euro 145, however, we did not expect the following problems: (1) the most serious complaint is that although we asked for a 0700 hrs wakeup call, we were awakened at 0530 hrs instead. You know how difficult it is to get back to sleep (we didn't succeed) and, thus, lost 1.5 of the 8 hrs we thought we were going to get. We don't sleep well on the jet, so this lost sleep made the return trip to gli Stati Uniti more difficult. We have NEVER had this happen before in all our years of traveling! These were less serious, but still annoying... (2) the WIFI connection did not work well with my cell phone. We were politely and quickly given a username and password, and managed to gain access to the internet although the instruction sheet supplied in the room was only for laptop computers. However, we could not check email. It seems that the hotel router issues an IP address independent of a username and password. Then each attempt to use the internet connection requires repeating entry of the username and password. Although annoying, it worked for straight internet access (each time we started the browser anew, we needed to repeat entering the data). However, the cell phone email options do not allow entering the username/password - the email just uses the currently active IP address, which failed for my cell phone. Instead of using an open network, why not use a closed, secure network and require entering a passphrase to obtain an IP address in the first place??? This was very frustrating - I had no such trouble at B&B/hotels which cost 1/3 the price of your 4 star hotel! (3) the original door card did not work (we had to return to the office to get a new one) (4) we were told the Tessera bus stop to Venice was about 150m from the hotel, and that it was better to get a ride because of traffic and no shoulder for pedestrians. We almost walked it anyway (would take about 2 minutes), but we were glad we took the shuttle because we would have missed the bus connection. The distance as measured on Google Earth is about 600m (about 8 minutes), which takes much longer to walk than 150m. I expect much better from a 4 star hotel.
stayed from 2012-04-30 to 2012-05-01 Excellent 9.4
2012-05-03 With friends grand prairie (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-04-20 to 2012-04-21 Excellent 9.3
2012-04-24 Mature couple Appleton (en) The staff was very helpful and friendly during our stay. Thank you!
stayed from 2012-03-31 to 2012-04-01 Good 7.3
2012-04-18 Family with older children Langley (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2012-04-02 to 2012-04-03 Excellent 10
2012-04-05 Family with older children Mequon (en) Great staff, wonderful accommodations. Would stay there again if ever in Venice. Perfect for our 2 night stay-very near the airport and a short walk to bus #5 (Venice) or bus # 15 (Train)
stayed from 2012-02-04 to 2012-02-05 Excellent 8.9
2012-02-11 Mature couple Novato (en) We would recommend it to anyone flying out of Venice.
stayed from 2011-12-31 to 2012-01-01 Excellent 8.7
2012-01-03 Family with older children Davidson (en) Beautiful hotel and the staff was fabulous! Very close to the airport and the shuttle service was very responsive Room 104 Our room's air/heat system did not work correctly The bath tub was very poorly designed. Being older, I found it very "scary" to enter the shower- The bath either needs to have grab bars installed or be redesigned as a walk-in shower. The rate of 145 euros was much more than any of the other hotels we visited on our vacation.
stayed from 2011-12-17 to 2011-12-18 Excellent 10
2011-12-20 With friends Vicenza (en) The hotel was beautiful and comfortable. The service was great to include flexible shuttle service to and from the airport. I will definitely stay here again and recommend Annia Park Hotel to others.
stayed from 2011-12-13 to 2011-12-14 Excellent 9.5
2011-12-16 Single traveller Monticello Conte Otto/Vicenza (en) I didn,t expect such top notch service from a small hotel g But it was great. The bed was very climb For table and I have a bad back, so that was surprising. The room was lovely. The web site lists a kettle in the room. That would have been nice since a cup of coffee at 4 in the morning for my early flight out would have made this stay perfect. Unfortunately, there wasn't one in my room. Must be only for suites, but would be good in all rooms. Otherwise a perfect stay and I will stay here again.
stayed from 2011-12-09 to 2011-12-10 Excellent 10
2011-12-15 Single traveller APO (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-11-16 to 2011-11-18 Excellent 9
2011-11-21 Single traveller Chicago (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-10-24 to 2011-10-25 Good 7.6
2011-10-27 Single traveller marseille (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-10-21 to 2011-10-22 Good 7.2
2011-10-25 Single traveller Coronado (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-09-08 to 2011-09-09 Good 6
2011-09-29 Single traveller HONG KONG (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-09-23 to 2011-09-24 Excellent 10
2011-09-26 Mature couple Burnaby (en) Our 3rd stay at the hotel and have highly recommended it to others.
stayed from 2011-09-21 to 2011-09-22 Excellent 9
2011-09-24 With friends Dayton (en) Great facility - bed was clean and room was quiet. Overall thankful for nice place to stay. bathtub leaked onto bathroom floor - would help American travelers if a sign was posted that breakfast was not included. In America it is ALWAYS included when available so family members weren't aware (since they didn't make reservations) that it wasn't included for all - they felt coerced to pay for very small amount eaten after partaking while not realizing it wasn't included in all the room charges as it is in America. They wouldn't have eaten anything if they had realized it wasn't included in the room charges for everyone. 10 Euros per person for breakfast seemed quite high a charge for 1 fruit.
stayed from 2011-09-17 to 2011-09-18 Discreet 4.3
2011-09-20 With friends San Francisco (en) -Ok service -Free shuttle to the airport is a plus -Poor directions for pickup by the hotel shuttle from the airport -ceilings are very low on the 2nd floor rooms; can easily hit your head on a wooden ceiling beam -air conditioning worked poorly; room was a balmy 27.3 degrees Celsius most of the night even though we set the air conditioning to 16 degrees; the lowest it got was 26 degrees in the morning.
stayed from 2011-09-16 to 2011-09-17 Excellent 9.3
2011-09-19 Mature couple Austin (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-09-14 to 2011-09-16 Excellent 9.6
2011-09-18 Single traveller Oxford (en) Great experience. I will stay here again on my next trip to Venice. Excellent service and staff. Very helpful and friendly. Restaurant was excellent.
stayed from 2011-08-28 to 2011-08-29 Excellent 9.2
2011-09-13 With friends Leduc, alberta (en) Excellent sevice, great value for services provided.Shuttleservice excellent. Best thing as well parking free. All added bonus. Thanks had a great stay and would stay again.
stayed from 2011-08-19 to 2011-08-20 Excellent 9.8
2011-08-24 Mature couple Vaughan (en) Modern & clean facility. Quiet rooms for a comfortable sleep. Helpful staff. Very convenient transfer to and from the airport. Great value for money. Would certainly use again.
stayed from 2011-08-08 to 2011-08-09 Excellent 8.9
2011-08-16 Family with older children Richardson (en) Very clean. Dinner was very good. A better selection of appetizers would be nice. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Room was very small for 3 people and even smaller for the room with 4 people as we paid for 2 rooms which included our adult children and grandchildren. Bidet would be the last thing I used in a hotel. That space could be used for shelving for toiletries and such. The shower was also too small. Also we were not able to eat the hot items for the breakfast as they were not put out until we were ready to leave at 6A.M.
stayed from 2011-08-09 to 2011-08-10 Discreet 5.9
2011-08-12 Family with young children Mentor (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-07-30 to 2011-07-31 Excellent 10
2011-08-09 Family with young children Shinagawa-ku (en) We enjoyed the stay very much. The breakfast in the garden was comfortable. The staffs are kind and friendly.
stayed from 2011-07-18 to 2011-07-20 Excellent 8.9
2011-08-02 Family with young children Odder (en) Very positive! Exceptional informative and helpfull staff, good with shuttlebus. Hotel area under construction, but the surroundings that were finished were very nice. We liked the room with separate floor for the children. Nice breakfast. We had 2 wonderful days at your hotel. We would visit you again! :-) None!
stayed from 2011-07-28 to 2011-07-30 Excellent 8.7
2011-08-01 Family with young children riccione (en) nice staff One day Venice visit was not organized at all, i arrived late because no one from morning staff was aware about my trip, however I was waiting with my family since 7:30 AM, which lead to miss the gondola tour, in addition to that, according to the agreement, it is a guided tour but no one from the representatives was guiding us (just go and we will be met in point ….. at time of …), however in the end of the tour, they discovered that it is guided tour so the guided us to the palace and ride the canal boat, unfortunately I lost a lot of my money in this bad trip, and I don’t think that i can advice any one to do it with Annin hotel.
stayed from 2011-06-20 to 2011-06-21 Excellent 9
2011-07-21 With friends Victoria (en) Lovely room. Very close to airport.
stayed from 2011-07-15 to 2011-07-16 Excellent 9.6
2011-07-19 Family with young children Houston (en) This hotel may be the best we have ever stayed at! So clean, staff was very friendly and helpful. Transfers were great, snacks at bar wonderful and would recommend to anyone without reservation.
stayed from 2011-07-16 to 2011-07-17 Excellent 8.5
2011-07-19 Family with young children Hafrsfjord (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-07-10 to 2011-07-11 Excellent 8.5
2011-07-14 Family with young children Wellington (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-07-05 to 2011-07-06 Excellent 9.7
2011-07-14 Single traveller North vancouver (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-07-08 to 2011-07-09 Excellent 9.1
2011-07-11 Single traveller Sao Leopoldo (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-06-14 to 2011-06-16 Excellent 8.2
2011-07-04 With friends Puyallup (en) Really enjoyed our stay at the Annia. They provided a home-away from home. Good restaurant recommendations.
stayed from 2011-06-21 to 2011-06-22 Excellent 9.2
2011-06-26 Family with older children Gurgaon (en) Great ambience, quiet with very nice rooms. Very relaxing setting.
stayed from 2011-06-21 to 2011-06-22 Excellent 10
2011-06-24 Mature couple Broomfield (en) Excellent service all around. Shuttle service great. Restaurant recommendation was great.
stayed from 2011-06-12 to 2011-06-15 Excellent 10
2011-06-18 Single traveller Delft (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-06-02 to 2011-06-03 Excellent 9.4
2011-06-15 With friends Chicago (en) This was the first time I had booked a hotel online--but Venice was "sold out" and we needed a hotel for only one night before leaving on a cruise from Venice. The Annia Park hotel was excellent for comfort, quiet location, close to the airport, 20-30 minutes to Venice by bus from the airport. The room was very clean, modern; the beds "temperpedic-type" comfort; breakfast buffet was very good--best cantaloupe I've had in years. The hotel staff was excellent--from reservation confirmation, to directions and suggestions in Venice, to picking me up upon arrival at the airport, to dropping me off to catch the bus, to picking up my family and dropping them at dinner, picking us up again, dropping us at the airport. They made staying at this hotel very easy and as convenient as possible. This was a true find--I'll go back to Venice again, and definitely stay here. The convenience to the airport makes this a strong recommendation!
stayed from 2011-06-03 to 2011-06-04 Excellent 9.1
2011-06-07 Mature couple Paso Robles (en) Very high standards of decoration. Nice landscaping. The shuttle to the airport is a great service. Excellent breakfast! Overall, a great hotel and an enjoyable place to spend our last day in Europe before flying home. Check in process was quite slow as lots of people checking in at the same time. Hallways have marble floors which look nice, but one can hear other guests leaving early in the morning due to the sound echoing in the hallways.
stayed from 2011-05-27 to 2011-05-28 Excellent 10
2011-06-07 Family with older children Burgess Hill (en) Very convenient to the airport and very obliging and helpful staff. We phoned for transport to the hotel at 11.30pm and they arrived within 5 mins. Accommodation very nice too. Would use again.
stayed from 2011-05-31 to 2011-06-01 Excellent 10
2011-06-03 Young couple warner robins (en) We really enjoyed the safety features of the locked doors and room. Wonderful breakfast and beautiful rooms. Look forward to staying again next year!
stayed from 2011-05-21 to 2011-05-22 Excellent 10
2011-05-25 Young couple Knoxville (en) The staff was SO friendly and helpful. We wish we had longer to stay there! The room (mini/junior suite) was EXCELLENT and very good price & the food was delicious and very very reasonable. We were so close to the airport but our room was quiet as can be. We have no complaints AT ALL!! We can't wait to stay again! Thank you all!
stayed from 2011-05-15 to 2011-05-16 Excellent 10
2011-05-19 Mature couple Miami (en) Wonderful place!! Such a wonderful place to relax after our busy vacation before our flight home!! Would definitely recommend this hotel!!
stayed from 2011-05-15 to 2011-05-16 Excellent 8.1
2011-05-18 Mature couple Peekskill (en) We loved both the contemporary decor and the modern appliances. Also, the close proximity to the airport is fantastic. Your staff is very friendly and corteous, and they really go out of their way to accomodate the guests (at least the front desk person). The shuttle driver on Monday morning was confrontational and unyielding. We missed the shuttle due to a small confusion over €5 at the front desk (the clerk was apparently not 100% trained), and we tried and reason with him to drive us back to the airport, but he became argumentative and beligerent, even though the trip is only two minutes each way, arguing that "there are rules, which must be respected". We understand, but rules were made for man, not man for rules. Thankfully, after talking it ovee with the front desk, he yielded and frove us to the airport, however grudgingly.
stayed from 2011-05-15 to 2011-05-16 Excellent 10
2011-05-18 Mature couple Sanger (en) The reception was very knowledgeable in English, which we appreciated. I tried to learn some Italian, but not enough for a conversation. The room was beautiful, and it was in a quiet place. The breakfast was well appreciated, and so was the shuttle service to the air port. Sorry that we didn't have longer to stay. I would like to have had a shuttle from the train station.
stayed from 2011-05-06 to 2011-05-07 Discreet 5.7
2011-05-11 Mature couple New York (en) very good value will recommend to others, especially when swimming pool is built odd smell in guestroom
stayed from 2011-04-24 to 2011-04-25 Excellent 9.6
2011-04-29 Family with older children Baton Rouge (en) The staff is exceptionally friendlyt and helpful.
stayed from 2011-04-20 to 2011-04-21 Excellent 10
2011-04-26 Family with older children London (en) Everything was perfect!!!
stayed from 2011-04-21 to 2011-04-22 Excellent 8.6
2011-04-24 Mature couple Court Saint Etienne (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2011-04-06 to 2011-04-07 Excellent 9.4
2011-04-11 With friends Lake Oswego (en) reservation and accommdations were very nice. we were able to check in early which was very helpful. the facility was very clean and a great value.
stayed from 2011-04-08 to 2011-04-09 Excellent 10
2011-04-11 Family with older children Battle Creek (en) Wonderful stay even though it was short. Staff very friendly, hotel very clean and so new. Surroundings beautiful, garden area so well kept. I would highly recommend. None
stayed from 2011-03-18 to 2011-03-19 Excellent 10
2011-03-25 Family with older children Mesa (en) We were extremely pleased with the hotel and the gracious staff who were so kind. We will highly recommend the Park Hotel Annia to anyone and everyone who wishes to stay near the Marco Polo Airport in Venice. Excellent in every way! There is not one negative comment from this family.
stayed from 2011-03-14 to 2011-03-15 Excellent 9.4
2011-03-21 Single traveller Rio de Janeiro (en) The hotel is very close to the airport. The rooms are new, clean, comfortable and it looks more a hotel in the countryside than a hotel next to the airport. Wi-fi was free and the breakfast was good (especially the fresh orange juice). It doesn't have a restaurant.
stayed from 2010-12-19 to 2010-12-21 Excellent 9.2
2010-12-24 Mature couple iowa city (en) We had an excellent experience. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. A special thank-you to Romy for helping us in so many ways. We will definately stay there again on our next rip to Venice and we will recommend Annia Park to our friends and colleagues. We did not use the Laundry and so we did not rate it.
stayed from 2010-12-04 to 2010-12-05 Excellent 10
stayed from 2010-12-09 to 2010-12-10 Good 7.7
2010-12-12 Single traveller Gothenburg (en) Clean Service minded staff Poor selection of food/snack in the bar Slow internet connection
stayed from 2010-12-04 to 2010-12-06 Excellent 8.8
2010-12-08 Single traveller Rockford (en) Very nice and clean hotel. Perfect for travelers that need rapid access to the airport. The new expansion now accomodates more people, so getting a reservation is not so difficult.
stayed from 2010-11-14 to 2010-11-15 Good 7.9
2010-11-17 Young couple mahomet (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2010-11-10 to 2010-11-13 Excellent 8
2010-11-15 Single traveller Nootdorp (en) Easy access to airport and public transport to Venice
stayed from 2010-11-09 to 2010-11-10 Excellent 9.5
2010-11-15 Single traveller Brussels (en) If again close to Venice, I'll come back!
stayed from 2010-11-05 to 2010-11-06 Excellent 9.8
2010-11-08 Mature couple Davie (en) hotel was lovely - people friendly even early in the am
stayed from 2010-10-23 to 2010-10-24 Excellent 9.2
2010-11-08 Young couple Ottawa (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2010-10-30 to 2010-10-31 Excellent 9.8
2010-11-03 Mature couple Grafton (en) Very clean comfortable rooms. The reception staff were pleasant and helpful.
Michael Scott
stayed from 2010-10-30 to 2010-10-31 Excellent 9.9
2010-11-03 Mature couple Ogden (en) I loved the hotel and the staff was very helpful especially since we didn't speak Italian!
stayed from 2010-10-25 to 2010-10-26 Excellent 10
2010-10-28 Mature couple Folsom (en) The staff was very helpful and friendly. The room was large and comfortable. Good breakfast. The manager referred us to Torre Antica for dinner, and excellent place to eat. The hotel is a 10 minute walk to Marco Polo airport. But the best service was the good staff. None, except our stay was too short.
stayed from 2010-10-23 to 2010-10-24 Excellent 8.3
2010-10-26 Single traveller falkirk (en) will be nice hotel when finished on main road no walk way to town
stayed from 2010-10-11 to 2010-10-12 Excellent 10
2010-10-19 Mature couple riverside (en) all hotel employees treated us in a kind but professional manor and we would stay again
stayed from 2010-10-02 to 2010-10-03 Excellent 9.9
2010-10-13 With friends Atlanta (en) We really enjoyed our stay. We were tired and heading to the airport the next morning. The hotel was very comfortable and had a very pleasant character. Everyone was very nice. The breakfast was excellent. It was very nice that you included a ride to the airport. The only thing that we wished you had was a restaurant, however we understand that you may be planning to add one. Thanks for such a nice and friendly stay. I would highly recommend your hotel.
stayed from 2010-10-08 to 2010-10-09 Excellent 8.3
2010-10-13 Young couple Shorewood (en) Very beautiful grounds, nice breakfast, very modern decor & beautiful rooms! Enjoyed the stay very much and if we make it back to Venice we would strongly consider staying at hotel entire time and taking bus to Venizia daily. No where to eat or drink nearby...but have heard they are adding a restaurant. We tried to call hotel for pickup from airport and we could not get any of the phones in airport to work (not hotels fault), but semi-dangerous walk to the hotel from airport.
stayed from 2010-10-09 to 2010-10-10 Excellent 8.5
2010-10-12 Single traveller Palm Beach Gardens (en) We likes the roominess of the room and bathroom.
stayed from 2010-10-06 to 2010-10-07 Excellent 8.6
2010-10-12 Single traveller Sherwood Park (en) Very clean, comfortable rooms at a good value. I would definitly recommend the hotel to others, or stay again when next in Venice. Difficult to get around without a vehicle - dangerous to walk to/from the bus stop or just to get a meal. Perhaps the hotel shuttle should include free to/from the bus stop.
stayed from 2010-10-08 to 2010-10-09 Excellent 9.4
2010-10-11 Mature couple Gresham (en) Friendly staff, helpful with transfers and airport shuttle. Bed was very uncomfortable (too firm). Staff indicated 1.5 hrs plenty of time for airport check-in. However, we found that the airport needs much more time to check in and perhaps some instructions from hotel staff on check-in procedure could be provided to travelers unfamiliar with the Venice airport.
stayed from 2010-10-01 to 2010-10-02 Excellent 8.2
2010-10-11 Family with young children Elk Grove (en) Great Value for Area. Close to Airport.
stayed from 2010-10-05 to 2010-10-06 Excellent 9.4
2010-10-11 Single traveller Falls Church (en) Great, friendly reception at front desk. Room was very, very clean. I would stay at Annia Park again.
stayed from 2010-10-07 to 2010-10-08 Excellent 9.6
2010-10-10 Single traveller Donetsk (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2010-10-06 to 2010-10-07 Excellent 9
2010-10-10 Mature couple Brossard (en) La douche difficile à utiliser. Other tthan that, everything was OK
stayed from 2010-10-07 to 2010-10-08 Excellent 9.5
stayed from 2010-10-06 to 2010-10-07 Excellent 9
2010-10-09 Mature couple London (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2010-09-19 to 2010-09-20 Excellent 9.9
2010-10-09 Mature couple Rellingen (en) Sehr schönes Hotel, sehr freundliches Personal. Service war sehr gut. Danke sagt Familie Wolf mit Freunden. Keine
stayed from 2010-09-29 to 2010-10-01 Excellent 8.9
2010-10-03 Mature couple MISSION VIEJO (en) Staff was very friendly and helpful. The room was very nice. There was too much road noise to open the windows in room 103, I would not stay in a room there again unless the road noise could be greatly reduced.
stayed from 2010-09-19 to 2010-09-20 Good 6.6
2010-10-01 Young couple London (en) Nice, clean, failry quiet and very convenient for airport. The restaurant that the hotel uses was nice and very welcoming. Was not a bucolic as appeared on website (I guess what do you expect that close to the airport). Rooms a little on the small side.
stayed from 2010-09-25 to 2010-09-26 Excellent 10
2010-09-29 Young couple Mt. Pleasant (en) Great stay close to the airport and very quiet. We were given advice on a local restaurent which was unbelievably good. The staff was very kind and drove us to the restaurant. Breakfast was filling and quick before leaving for the airport where we were dropped off in a safe easy access to the gates. Would recopmmend this inn without a doubt and would stay there again. None
stayed from 2010-09-25 to 2010-09-26 Excellent 8.4
2010-09-28 Mature couple Mt Pleasant (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2010-09-17 to 2010-09-18 Excellent 8.4
2010-09-26 Single traveller Belchertown (en) Room was quiet and comfortable and very roomy. We were told that a taxi to the port for our ship would cost around 35 Euros...actual cost was 60 Euros. Perhaps it was our taxi driver who took advantage of us.
stayed from 2010-09-22 to 2010-09-23 Excellent 9.9
2010-09-25 Single traveller Norristown (en) Particolare grazie all'autista della navetta. ed alla ragazza di Lecce che lavora nel breckfest. Informero' i miei figli riguardo la nostra buona giornata pasata al'Annia
stayed from 2010-09-19 to 2010-09-20 Sufficient 3.7
2010-09-23 Mature couple North Vancouver (en) After a very long trip, in a callous and disrespectful manner, taking advantage of the the late our and our inability to ascertain our surroundings (since the room did not have windows), we were assigned a room right over the noisy highway. We were unable to sleep at all. Nobody should
stayed from 2010-08-28 to 2010-08-29 Excellent 8.6
2010-08-31 With friends Oslo (en) We arrived very late and left very early, but the staff were nonetheless very friendly. The airport location was the reason we chose the hotel, but we were pleasantly surprised by the standard.
stayed from 2010-07-27 to 2010-07-29 Good 7.6
2010-08-23 Single traveller VALENCE (en) The user have left no reviews.
stayed from 2010-07-26 to 2010-07-27 Excellent 9.9
2010-08-05 Single traveller Indialantc (en) The room was beautiful and the proximity to the airport was fantastic. The staff was very accomodating. We would definately stay again Beds were very hard.
stayed from 2010-07-27 to 2010-07-28 Excellent 9.8
2010-07-30 Single traveller FPO (en) The staff was great, very helpful with all of my needs/concerns. My room was better than I expected, it was beautiful, clean and quiet. Breakfast had a nice selection of food and the server was pleasant. I enjoyed sitting outside on the patio reading and relaxing. I had a wonderful stay. Thank you! I read on the website a pool and gym facilities are in the works, those additions would be fantastic. The only improvement I can think of is working with the city government to construct a sidewalk so guests can walk safely to the few restaurants down the street.
stayed from 2010-07-22 to 2010-07-23 Excellent 9.5
2010-07-25 Single traveller APO (en) I thought this was the perfect choice for my use. The professional staff was very helpful and gracious.
stayed from 2010-07-17 to 2010-07-18 Excellent 8.3
2010-07-23 Single traveller milano (en) contesto gradevole -staff molto disponibile
stayed from 2010-07-19 to 2010-07-20 Good 7.2
2010-07-23 With friends Fiumicino (en) buon albergo - da rivisitare
stayed from 2010-07-13 to 2010-07-15 Excellent 9.3
2010-07-18 Family with older children Millburn (en) Loved the hotel. felt we were at a ski chalet. Would stay here again. You must get more comfortable mattresses especially for the sofa bed. Also, the towels were like drying yourself with cardboard.
stayed from 2010-07-09 to 2010-07-10 Excellent 9.6
2010-07-12 Family with young children BROVARY (en) The user have left no reviews.
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