CHURCH OF GLI SCALZI:Begun in 1670 by Baldassarre Longhena and completed 35 years later.  It contains paintings by Tiepolo.


CHURCH OF SAN SIMEON PICCOLO: It looks out over the Canal Grande and its large entrance steps are almost lapped by its waters.  A characteristic feature of this church is the large greenish dome which made Napoleon exclaim: "I have seen churches without a dome, but never a dome without a church", referring to the minute size of the church with respect to the dome.


CHURCH OF SAN MARCUOLA: Designed by Massari and modified by Gaspari.


CHURCH OF I SANTI APOSTOLI: Of ancient origin, it has been modified a number of times.  The altar panel depicting the Communion of Saint Lucy is by Tiepolo.


CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA DEI MIRACOLI: Built by Pietro Lombardo in Lombard style. The façade is original and the inside walls are clad with precious marbles.  The ceiling is by Pennacchi.


CHURCH OF SAN ZACCARIA: Gothic and renaissance style.  It contains an altar panel by Bellini, a "Madonna and Saints" by Del Vecchio, "Birth of John the Baptist" by Tintoretto, and "The Flight from Egypt" by Tiepolo.


CHURCH OF SAN MOISE': It contains numerous 17th and 18th century paintings.  In the chapel there is a "Last Supper" by Palma the Younger, and a "Christ Washing the Disciples' Feet" by Tintoretto.


CHURCH OF SANTI GIOVANNI E PAOLO: Begun in 1246, but finished only 200 years later.  A magnificent example of Venetian Gothic.

The temple was used for the funerals of the Doges, and on 26 June each year it was visited by the Doges and other high state officials. It contains the remains of numerous Doges and condottieri, together with works by Bellini, Piazzetta, Lorenzo Lotto, Vivarini, Palma the Younger and Nino Pisano.


CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA FORMOSA: Constructed in a number of phases, it contains works by Vivarini and Palma the Elder.


CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA GLORIOSA DEI FRARI: Franciscan church begun in 1250 to a design by Pisano, it is in Romanesque-Gothic style. It contains statues by Vittoria and Bon. As well as Titian's mausoleum, it is filled with works making it the most famous church after San Marco and contains the greatest number of remains of famous men, including Titian who died of plague in 1576.

On Longhena's altar there are two statues by Le Court and there is a triptych by Bellini in the sacristy.


CHURCH OF SAN GIORGIO MAGGIORE: One of Palladium's greatest works. It contains works by Tintoretto and Van der Brulle.


CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA DELLA SALUTE: Built as a votive offering at the end of the 1630 plague to a design by Longhena. The temple is one of the greatest monuments of Venetian baroque architecture.  It contains works by Titian, Giordano, Le Court and others.

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